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ASM Auto Recycling

With over 40 years of experience, ASM Auto Recycling are widely regarded as one of the UK’s top vehicle salvage agents and parts recyclers. Their team are dedicated to leading the way in sustainable and efficient auto recycling and salvage. Due to excessive growth and our help in establishing new sites in Aylesbury and Thame, they now process over 30,000 vehicles annually.

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“We were very impressed with the design proposal from Locators as they achieved a storage density much greater than we had hoped for. They have installed a high-quality, British and CE standard, cantilever racking system with adjustable arm positions and additional capacity which will be useful if vehicles continue to become heavier and taller in the future. We do believe they have future-proofed our needs.”

Chris Morgan

Director, ASM Auto Recycling

What we provided ASM Auto Recycling

🟪 | Cantilever Racking
🟪 | C Series C4000

Locators’ journey with ASM Auto Recycling is a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions. These collaborative solutions have addressed current needs while paving the way for future innovation.

Initially, ASM Auto Recycling could only process over 25,000 vehicles annually. However, due to expansion, they sought to maximise storage capacity at their new Aylesbury site. Previously, ASM had used counterbalance forklifts to move vehicles on other sites. Yet, recognising the limitations of traditional counterbalance forklifts, our team proposed an innovative solution.

We suggested a cantilever racking system with a rail-guided Combilift C4000 multi-directional forklift. This combination dramatically improved storage density. They can now accommodate 432 vehicles within narrow aisles of 3,220mm wide — a stark contrast to the 6,400mm required previously.

What we provided ASM Auto Recycling

🟪 | Cantilever Racking
🟪 | C Series C5000 XL

Buoyed by this success, the need for further expansion became evident. Locators were tasked with a second phase to enhance storage for 300 additional vehicles at their Thame site.

A detailed survey calculated that it could have the capacity to store more than 1,000 vehicles in an area that was being used to store around 560. Locators’ proposal was accepted, and we began working on the project. Our team relocated existing 4-high cantilever racks and installed new 8 metre / 5-high racks using the same 3,220mm aisle width.

In tandem with this, a guided Combilift C5000 was specified for this application. This was because it provides extra capacity and the greater lift height required for the installation. Thanks to the efficient aisle width and material handling solution, they can store over 1000 vehicles.

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“We are very pleased with the productivity and efficiency gains we have made at our sites. Locators have enabled us to achieve much more without the need to purchase additional land and this has a very significant cost benefit for us.”

Chris Morgan

Director, ASM Auto Recycling

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What we provided ASM Auto Recycling

🟪 | Combilift C5000ET

The latest chapter in our partnership represents a groundbreaking shift towards environmental stewardship. Recognising the industry’s historical preference for diesel machinery, we suggested a pioneering solution.

Combilift C5000ET electric models wouldn’t just meet ASM’s operational demands. They would also set new sustainability benchmarks in the industry. However, these machines aren’t just the first of their kind in the UK’s auto recycling sector. They also embody ASM and Locators’ joint commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Custom-designed to efficiently handle cars, they incorporate rail guidance for precision. Plus, they are powered by Midac lead-acid fast-charge batteries to ensure maximum run time and allow opportune charging.

This addition supports the two existing diesel versions previously supplied by Locators. Its inclusion has enhanced ASM and solidified our role as a catalyst for innovation in material handling and storage solutions. Looking back, Locators have delivered tailored solutions that meet ASM’s current needs through each stage. We have also anticipated future industry trends, focusing on higher efficiency and sustainability.

C-Series C4000

The C Series 4000 represents the pinnacle of multi-directional forklift technology. It was designed for versatility and efficiency and was specifically chosen for ASM Auto Recycling. This forklift can navigate narrow aisles and maximise storage space without compromising performance.


Its robust engine and multi-directional capabilities allow for unparalleled manoeuvrability and flexibility. This helps in handling diverse loads. Implementing this forklift was a game-changer. It enabled the efficient movement of vehicles and increased the number of vehicles stored on-site.

Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking system is engineered to maximise storage capacity and accessibility. This solution was instrumental in transforming ASM Auto Recycling’s storage approach. It allowed them to vertically stack vehicles awaiting processing.


The system’s design facilitates easy access and efficient organisation. This is crucial for ASM’s fast-paced environment. By implementing cantilever racking, we not only optimised their storage space. We also streamlined their operations, making managing and retrieving vehicles far easier.

C-Series C5000XL

The C Series C5000 XL is a testament to our commitment. We provide clients with high-capacity and efficient material handling solutions. This model was introduced to enhance ASM’s storage capabilities further. It can easily accommodate an additional 300 vehicles.


Its superior lifting capacity and adaptability make it ideal for handling various loads. This offers ASM the flexibility needed to manage their growing inventory. The C5000 XL has increased ASM’s facilities’ operational efficiency and storage density.

C-Series C5000E

The Combilift C5000ET electric models mark a significant step towards sustainable material handling. These are the first electric Combilifts in the UK’s auto recycling sector. The machines underscore ASM’s dedication to environmental stewardship.


These electric forklifts are customised for car handling. Its specifications include rail guidance and Midac lead-acid fast-charge batteries. The C5000ET models offer a greener alternative to diesel. It reduces emissions while still providing an efficient and reliable service. Their introduction is a landmark move that shows they prioritise ecological considerations. It also showcases the potential for electric machinery to support industry needs.