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Atlantic Marine Interiors

Since 2013, Atlantic Marine Interiors has been at the forefront of exquisite vessel interiors. Their ethos revolves around delivering high-end, meticulously planned services. They are known for being punctual, doing great work, and turning ideas into beautiful things. Their team ensures that each interior they design and build is a source of great pride for themselves and their customers.

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What We Provided Atlantic Marine Interiors

🟪 | Toyota Tonero 8FGF20

Locators partnered with Atlantic Marine Interiors to elevate their operational capabilities. We recognised the need for dependable and efficient transportation on large project sites. That’s why we supplied Atlantic Marine Interiors with a refurbished Toyota Tonero 8FGF20. The Toyota Tonero 8FGF20 is known for its robust performance and reliability. Its presence has streamlined its internal processes and reinforced its commitment to operational excellence.

However, upgrading their old Nissan truck didn’t just significantly improve their operations. The improvement in their material handling equipment has impacted their project delivery timelines. It’s enabled Atlantic Marine to maintain their reputation for punctuality and high-quality service. This collaboration underscores Locators’ commitment to providing tailored solutions that drive client success.

As such, the Toyota Tonero 8FGF20 is more than just material handling equipment for Atlantic Marine Interiors. It’s a testament to their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Choosing a refurbished model shows they care about sustainability and the environment. We strategically decided to offer a more affordable, refurbished Toyota Tonero 8FGF20. It shows our dedication to providing customised solutions beyond our clients’ needs.

Toyota Tonero 8FGF20

At the heart of the Toyota 8FGF20 lies a powerful and efficient engine. An engine that delivers consistent performance even under the most challenging conditions. Its compact design enables easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces. This crucial feature would enable mobility across Atlantic Marine Interiors’ diverse project sites.


The forklift was made to fit Atlantic Marine Interior’s specific project needs, like lifting capacity and height range. Plus, the ergonomic design keeps operators comfortable and safe to stay productive during long shifts. The System of Active Stability (SAS) is an advanced safety feature with all Toyota models. It adds extra protection and makes the working environment safer.

The Toyota 8FGF20’s refurbishment process was conducted with meticulous attention to detail. We thoroughly checked each part and either fixed or improved it as needed. This was done to make sure the truck performs well and is reliable. This approach extended the vehicle’s lifespan and maximised its efficiency and safety features.

Atlantic Marine Interiors has improved its internal logistics by using this refurbished forklift. The enhanced capability in material handling has streamlined their workflow. It’s contributed significantly to their ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. This investment demonstrates their dedication to staying ahead in marine interior design.

Toyota Tonero – Industrial Forklift

Toyota Tonero

Available with torque convertor or hydrostatic transmission, in engine or diesel.