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BiS Valves

Established in 1964, BiS Valves is more than just a valve manufacturer. They are pioneers in designing and delivering robust, reliable solutions for high-pressure environments. Based in Wimborne and with over 50 years of expertise, they support several critical sectors, including offshore oil and gas. Their team ensures unparalleled quality and safety in every product.

A newly delivered Toyota forklift outside BiS Valves

Locators helped us find and created a fantastic deal on a battery forklift solution to replace our existing LPG unit. Sarah and her team were fantastic throughout the process!

Nathan Sims

Production Engineer, BiS Valves

What We Provided BiS Valves

At Locators, we understand that the right tools empower businesses to excel. For BiS Valves, transitioning from a larger LPG forklift to a more efficient electric model was pivotal. To execute this, our team introduced them to the Toyota Traigo 7FBEST13, a leading electric forklift, which proved to be the ideal solution. Our collaborative approach included consultations, trials, and a customised trade-in package. By tailoring the transition, we helped ensure seamless integration into their operations.

The result? Enhanced operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact at BiS Valves’ facility. However, this strategic upgrade didn’t just help optimise their workflow. It also reinforced their commitment to sustainability and safety in a high-stakes industry. Therefore, our expertise in material handling solutions not only supported BiS Valves’ values. It also reassured them of our shared commitment. It helped them continue to meet their high standards with unmatched precision.

By providing BiS Valves with the Toyota Traigo 7FBEST13, we haven’t just enhanced their operations. We have also aligned with their values of innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship. The option of a cost-effective trade-in package proved an apt material handling solution. Therefore, this strategic partnership doesn’t just underscore our commitment to delivering tailored solutions. It shows how we set new standards for BiS Valves’ operations and drive client success in competitive industries.

Toyota Traigo 7FBEST13

The Toyota Traigo 7FBEST13 is a compact, electric forklift known for its environmental efficiency. Designed for intense operations, it offers the versatility and reliability that BiS Valves needs. It’s well-equipped to maintain its production without compromising on power or productivity.

Pictured is a Toyota Traigo 7FBES13T.


The Traigo 7FBEST13 is eco-efficient because it’s electric. Unlike their previous LPG forklift, it cuts emissions and meets BiS Valves’ environmental goals. Despite its compact size, it delivers high performance comparable to larger forklifts. Its durability and advanced power systems ensure reliability under strenuous operational demands.

It prioritises safety with enhanced visibility and stable manoeuvring. That’s in addition to its ergonomic controls, which are crucial for hazardous environments. The forklift’s energy-efficient design lowers operational costs. It does so by reducing electricity consumption and maintenance needs. Plus, its compact design aids better manoeuvrability and space utilisation in tight storage areas.