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Fit for every occasion – both commercial and residential. With over 40 years of experience, Bridec is Britain’s oldest melamine board manufacturer. It leads in toughness, versatility and good looks.


With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing melamine faced boards in the UK, Bridec gives you the edge over the competition. From store fixtures to shopfitting supplies and more, they’ll enhance your shop plan, kitchen or bedroom design.

Besides being the ideal product for the DIY enthusiast, they are known for their exceptional quality and service.

As manufacturers of veneer sheets and wood panels, they also manufacture cork, straw and plaiting materials. Their unrivalled range of Melamine Faced Chipboard and MDF comes in a wide choice of colours, patterns and wood grains. Complete with a matte or textured finish, they are experts at achieving your in-house design or colour.


Manufacturers like Bridec use melamine paper to cover chipboard, creating melamine faced chipboard. However, melamine can be applied to other types of boards, such as plywood or MDF.

Melamine is a paper-based product that undergoes a process to give it a plastic-like finish. Its unique properties have become an essential material in the furniture industry for several decades. MDF offers additional rigidity and strength, as well as enhanced aesthetics.

Thanks to technological advances, Bridec have adapted to ever-changing trends. This allows them to create varying material reproductions, colours and textures. Yet, despite mastering a material innovation, Bridec had run into an issue with an old pallet stacker. Rather than blithely buy a replacement, they sought out Locators for our expert advice.


At Locators, we provide fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business. Pallet stackers are traditionally utilised in fast-paced work environments that have little space.

Although it had done them well, the day-to-day stress of Bridec’s constant work had taken its toll on the machine, and it required replacing.

Upon inspecting their site, instead of replacing it with another pallet stacker, we recommended using a Toyota Traigo. The Traigo is an electric counterbalance renowned for being a compact yet powerful forklift.

Designed for easy operation in the tightest of spaces, the truck is as effective inside as it is outside in a yard or a loading bay.

Thanks to its compact triple mast, our proposal offered the ability to operate under their mezzanine floor. Happy with this, Bridec signed on the dotted line. Now, their business benefits from light-to-medium load handling and maximum manoeuvrability.

Toyota Traigo 7FBEST15

Electric 3 wheel forklift.

These robust 3-wheel trucks are designed for indoor and outdoor heavy-duty applications. The range is versatile and offers superior performance. Equipped with AC motors and SAS, Toyota’s range of forklifts include compact trucks that are ideal for tight areas.

Load Capacity

1.0-1.5 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

6.5 m

“Here at Bridec, our team are known for offering an aesthetic, practical and versatile solution. Yet, when it comes to our materials handling equipment, we are happy we approached Locators for their expert opinion. Locators helped us realise that the Traigo is as easy to handle as our boards and its inclusion will introduce us to a new advent of productivity.”

Laurence Kirby

Director, Bridec Melamine Boards