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Combisteel is your dependable partner in top-grade kitchen and catering gear. They began in the Netherlands in 1999 with a mission to offer personalised, trustworthy service and quality goods. However, they now work worldwide and respond swiftly to customer needs. To facilitate speedier UK deliveries, they’ve opened a new warehouse in Southampton — and Locators played a crucial role in this venture.

Here’s what we provided Combisteel

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We stepped onto the scene as Combisteel opened a new warehouse in Southampton. Their mission was twofold. Firstly, they wanted to meet a promise of quicker UK deliveries. Secondly, they wanted to offer a more efficient distribution process. It was an opportunity for Locators to demonstrate our prowess in creating bespoke storage solutions. Combisteel trusted us to optimise their new space. This trust was a testament to our reputation as a leader in the material handling and storage industry.

We responded with a custom-designed pallet racking system. This solution resulted from carefully studying Combisteel’s needs and existing operations. We ensured that our pallet racking system integrated seamlessly with a forklift they had brought over from Holland. We tailored every aspect of the system to maximise storage capacity and speed up their warehouse workflow. This personalised approach to solution creation sets us apart in the material handling industry.

Our partnership with Combisteel led to significant improvements in their service delivery. Firstly, we succeeded in enhancing their operational efficiency. This efficiency, in turn, allowed them to fulfil their commitment to faster UK deliveries. Our collaboration has also benefited us by strengthening our presence in Southampton. We have several upcoming projects in Adanac Business Park. However, this solidified our status as a reliable storage and material handling solution provider in the area. As such, this partnership with Combisteel is another proud addition to our portfolio.

Pallet Racking

At the heart of our project with Combisteel was the provision of an efficient pallet racking system. This solution boosted warehouse efficiency, storage density and safety. It also eased inventory management. It was a key upgrade for their new warehouse in Southampton.
We crafted our pallet racking system with Combisteel’s needs at heart. Our design aimed for the best use of storage space. We accounted for their wide range of catering gear. The design also considered their material handling equipment from Holland. We wanted smooth operation and safety. Our pallet racking system worked wonders.

It boosted storage space, sped up order times, and eased stock tracking and rotation.

Above all, however, the new system ensured safety. It kept the risk of accidents low. We designed the system with growth in mind. As Combisteel expands, the system can scale up too. This future-proof design is a key aspect of our service. Here at Locators, we create solutions that grow with your business.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available volume. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity.