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Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd

Since 2007, Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd has specialised in innovative commercial refuelling solutions. Renowned for technological innovation, they are committed to reducing emissions and environmental protection. Their ingenious work doesn’t just shape the industry internationally. It reflects their dedication to sustainability and leading role as the UK’s top Independent AdBlue supplier.


What We Provided Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd

🟪 | Mezzanine Floor

Locators proudly partnered with Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd to elevate their operational capabilities. After an initial consultation, we recognised their need for efficient space utilisation. The project centred on designing, supplying and installing a state-of-the-art mezzanine. We ensured optimal space utilisation aligned with their environmental values and business objectives. However, our role extended beyond the design and installation of the mezzanine at their Southampton facility. We also focused on ensuring the mezzanine met all building regulations for safety and compliance. This resulted in a transformed facility — not just in space but in capability.

However, the enhancement didn’t just optimise their space utilisation. Our elevated solution streamlined their operational efficiency amidst their rapidly expanding enterprise. The bespoke mezzanine transformed its storage capabilities and offered strategic flexibility for future growth. Our provision of a comprehensive fire rating system was integral to this project. The system included a suspended ceiling, column casing, and fascia. This addition ensured safety. It also provided the potential to repurpose the space for storage or office expansion as the company evolves.

Our approach exemplifies our adaptability and forward-thinking in meeting our clients’ dynamic needs. This installation was more than a structural enhancement. It was a step toward streamlined operations and increased productivity. It represented a shared vision of innovation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. At Locators, we pride ourselves on understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients. We deliver solutions that are not only effective in the present but also pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future. Our involvement in this project reflects our commitment to enhancing operational capabilities. We’re doing this through tailored, future-focused solutions.

Mezzanine Floor

The bespoke mezzanine installation was engineered for durability. It was also designed for versatility and to comply with the highest environmental and safety standards. It was more than a structural addition; it was a strategic enhancement tailored to their specific operational needs. We provided a custom mezzanine installation, tailor-made to fit the unique requirements of its facility. This installation was a structural enhancement and a strategic move. One that amplified their efficiency and aligned with their green initiatives.


Our mezzanine installation offered multiple layers of benefits. Firstly, it maximised the available space, allowing for a more organised and efficient storage system. This was crucial, as their operations required specific storage conditions. The design of the mezzanine was in harmony with their existing facilities, ensuring a seamless integration.

The robust construction ensures longevity and the ability to withstand the demands of their industry. Designed to be adaptable, it can evolve with the client’s changing needs, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for years. This foresight in design demonstrates Locators’ understanding of the industry’s dynamic nature. That and our commitment to providing solutions that are effective today and will continue to be so in the future.


Mezzanine floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location.