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Dorset Fire Protection

Dorset Fire Protection has come a long way, from its humble origins in a garden shed to becoming a leader in fire protection services. In their 30+ years of service, they’ve grown to prevent disaster, not just deal with it. With a focus on world-class pre-emergency service, their goal is simple. Protect lives, inspire trust, reduce stress and surpass expectations. They’re not just a business; they’re lifesavers.

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Here’s what we provided Dorset Fire Protection

🟪 | Removal & Reconfiguration
🟪 | NA Pallet Racking
🟩 | Aisle-Master

When Dorset Fire Protection (DFP) approached us, they sought to maximise their storage capacity to meet the growing needs of their business. As their long-standing supplier, we possessed an in-depth understanding of their operations. It also helped that we benefited from being local, as we were located on the same industrial estate. Plus, the quality of our presentation drawings factored into DRP awarding their business to us.

We initiated the project by removing an old mezzanine floor. This was followed by reconfiguring existing racking and adding more for increased capacity. To optimise the storage space, we introduced an Aisle-Master articulating forklift truck. This truck is renowned for maximising internal storage capacity, with the added benefit of being able to work externally for loading vehicles too.

Bolstered by the quality of our presentation drawings, our installation team successfully increased the number of storage bays by 140%. We effectively utilised the space where the mezzanine once stood and transitioned from wide to narrow aisles. This led to a streamlined, highly efficient storage system. This system has played an integral role in propelling DFP’s operational efficiency.

Removal of Old Mezzanine Floor

The very first task was the removal of the old mezzanine floor. This marked the start of the transformative journey to a more efficient storage system. Immediately, this opened up a significant amount of space that was key to our goal of increasing storage density.


The decision to remove the mezzanine was not taken lightly. We conducted an in-depth analysis to understand the benefits of this significant modification. After considering multiple scenarios, it was clear its removal was the most effective way to improve storage density. The removal process was executed precisely to ensure minimal disruption to DFP’s operations.

The newly liberated space offered a blank canvas that allowed us to reimagine the warehouse’s layout.

Doing away with the mezzanine floor paved the way for reconfiguring the existing layout. It set the stage for new racking and the introduction of the Aisle-Master forklift. This step not only increased available space but also offered greater flexibility in terms of layout. This was crucial in optimising DFP’s storage system.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.

Pallet Racking

After removing the mezzanine floor, we reorganised the existing racking and introduced extra racks. This two-pronged approach aimed at maximising the use of available space. It also significantly enhanced the pallet storage capacity.


The reshuffling process required a keen understanding of Dorset Fire Protection’s . . .

| Storage needs
| Workflow
| And operations

We designed the new layout to improve accessibility, efficiency, and safety. Introducing new racking didn’t just increase pallet storage spots. It also brought about uniformity and organisation that streamlined DFP’s operations. Switching from wide aisles to narrow ones was a strategic decision that yielded impressive results.

This shift alone led to a significant 140% increase in storage bays.

It was a clear example of how an intelligent layout design can squeeze out more storage capacity from the same space. Overall, the strategic reconfiguration and addition of new racking proved fundamental. It helped create an optimised, efficient, and safer storage environment for DFP. A space that effectively meets their goal of expanding storage capacity to cater to their growing business needs.


The introduction of the Aisle-Master forklift was a defining moment in the project. The Aisle-Master is known for its ability to work in narrow aisles and function indoors and outdoors. As such, it was a significant addition to DFP’s operations.


This forklift is uniquely designed to maximise storage by allowing operations in narrower aisles. It was a feature that we effectively leveraged in our new layout design. Its agility and power made it an efficient tool for managing the new, denser racking system. The Aisle-Master’s versatility is its standout feature. It can effortlessly transition from indoor to outdoor operations. So DFP’s team could effectively bridge the gap between counterbalance and reach trucks.

This dual functionality made it an optimal choice for Dorset Fire Protection’s varied operations.

In addition, its design considerations for safety added security to DFP’s warehouse operations. We maximised the storage space by integrating the Aisle-Master into DFP’s operations. We also increased their operational efficiency. This machine made moving pallets in the newly created narrow aisles feasible and efficient. In turn, this significantly contributed to DFP’s overall operational effectiveness.



Articulated, narrow aisle forklifts are perfect for palletised goods, warehouse and logistics. Available in a range of lifting capacities, heights and engine options.