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Decades of experience have led draperVENT to design broiler house climate control technology. Their ground-breaking designs specifically suit temperature conditions that prevail in the UK.


For over twenty-five years, draperVENT have developed computerised climate control and flock management systems. By collecting data from each crop, draperVENT are edging closer to future advancements. Over time, they have fine-tuned their systems to tap into the full genetic potential for poultry.

draperVENT specialise in condensation and humidity control. Their products work in agricultural buildings, industrial process plants, warehouses and more.

Having already worked with us for their annual forklift inspections, draperVENT were already familiar with Locators. So, when it came to maximising their storage space for an in-the-works warehouse, they knew they could rely on us. However, due to COVID, the sales and design process had to be conducted almost entirely through a remote format – such as via video meetings. Whilst this proved challenging, both parties overcame the odds to implement a great storage solution.


We began working remotely with our contact, Michal on pallet racking and long load designs. These were based on the architect’s CAD plan for draperVENT’s new unit extension in Dorchester. Once finalised, it would be erected in the new unit, adjacent to their existing office block. To achieve our goal, we presented them with two options:

   The first was based on the utilisation of their existing counterbalance forklift.

   The second allowed for increased storage capacity using an Aislemaster forklift.
We pitched both options, however, we were confident that the second could be reserved for future expansion if it wasn’t used. Impressed by the increased capacity, draperVENT selected our second option anyway. Once the SketchUp design was approved, we organised and constructed bespoke cantilever racking. This – along with an Aislemaster forklift – was supplied and installed during COVID circumstances. Risk assessments were undertaken and, where we were unable to be 2m apart, we minimised transmission risks wherever possible.

Cantilever Racking

Open-fronted, cantilever racking overcomes problems associated with storing long loads on standard racking. Cantilever racking can be loaded with products of any length and it can also be decked to make them suitable for storage of almost any product.

Combi Aisle Master

Articulated, narrow aisle forklifts are perfect for palletised goods, warehouse and logistics. Available in a range of lifting capacities, heights and engine options. They can operate in aisle widths of just 1.6 m available in electric or LPG and cold store models.

Load Capacity

1.5-3.0 ton

Maximum Lift Height


“We have worked with Locators for years and have been happy with their annual forklift inspections. When it came to expanding our warehouse, we knew we could rely on their expertise. This was due to their already glowing reputation for optimising warehouses and making them run as efficiently as possible. Even in light of COVID, we were thoroughly impressed by how they operated and are happy to continue working with them in future.”

Michal Kapelusz

Procurement & Logistic Coordinator , draperVENT