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Express Hire

Based in Poole, Express Hire has been at the heart of Poole’s building industry since 1990. Their team are committed to providing top-notch, reliable plant hire services. They are all about less downtime and more action on the worksite. With quality machinery at their core, they ensure their clients have what they need, exactly when and where they want it.

Express Hire

Here’s what we provided Express Hire

🟥 | Manitou MT1335 Telehandlers

Our bond with Express Hire stretches over a decade and is deeply rooted in shared values and a passion for local engagement. More than a simple business arrangement, it’s a partnership cemented in mutual trust and respect. It’s a partnership that has grown stronger with each passing year. Our dedicated team members — Steve, Jonathan, Chris, Les, and Debbie — have been vital in nurturing this relationship. They have not just expertly guided Express Hire in their fleet expansion.

Our team also ensure they are always equipped with the most effective and reliable machinery. Their most recent purchase of Manitou MT1335 telehandlers is a testament to this commitment. The fruit of this collaboration is a stronger, more reliable Express Hire. Manitou has given them a competitive edge and has enhanced their brand reputation and service quality. This tangible success marks the efficacy of our partnership and our shared pledge to quality and excellence.

Locators’ ongoing relationship with Express Hire is a source of pride. We’ve worked hand-in-hand to ensure they have the best machinery available, and the results speak for themselves. Their improved service and bolstered reputation testify to this partnership’s power. We’re excited about what the future holds for Express Hire and are committed to supporting their continued success.

Manitou MT1335 Telehandlers

Our latest collaboration with Express Hire involved the supply of 3 Manitou MT1335 telehandlers. These versatile machines offer strength, adaptability, and reliability. They have become a valued addition to Express Hire’s fleet, complementing the recently purchased MT1033.


The MT1335 telehandlers pack a punch. They lift up to 3,500 kg and reach heights of 12.55 metres. Their compact design and agile handling make them a hit in construction and roofing. These machines empower Express Hire to tackle more challenging jobs with ease and efficiency.

Express Hire’s fleet now boasts 30 Manitou machines.

Manitou is a brand they trust and respect. Their reputation for quality aligns with Express Hire’s commitment to providing top-tier service. And with more Manitou MT625s set to join the fleet later this year, Express Hire is showing no signs of slowing down.

MT1335 Easy ST5 Manitou


The MT 1335 comes equipped with compact outriggers which improve its offset as well as the general performance to easily navigate in more confined spaces.