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Dedicated to building better bus stop experiences, Externiture specialises in bus shelters. They are experts in manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


Based in Thatcham and Glasgow, Externiture specialises in bus shelter infrastructure and maintenance. From Slough with 400 stops to Strathclyde with 14000, they work with some of the largest County Councils, as well as Town and Parish Councils. Typically, they focus on manufacturing, installing and maintaining bus stop infrastructure. However, should you want timetables printed, a raised kerb installation, or a full bus stop upgrade, Externiture will provide the solution. They also provide civil engineering such as cycle paths, footways and connecting footways. In essence, anything that needs small, location-based project execution. This is largely thanks to their outstanding levels of service and meticulous accuracy. With a small yet dedicated team of around thirty, they are among the leading providers for the entire United Kingdom.


Externiture chiefly used their depot to manufacture bus shelters. However, the manufacturing process tended to take up most of their available floor space. With orders still coming thick and fast, they were eager to maximise their storage space for long load raw materials. By sheer coincidence, Locators’ engineering depot was in a neighbouring unit. They knew we could recommend effective measures to increase their productivity and asked for support.


Upon inspecting their warehouse for how best to improve their storage capacity, we identified a particular area in their unit. This particular space was ideal for maximising the use of their headroom via a solution known as cantilever racking. This solution provided ample room for longer loads, such as raw materials. Once supplied and installed, Externiture effectively organised and streamlined its manufacturing process.

Cantilever Racking

Open-fronted, cantilever racking overcomes problems associated with storing long loads on standard racking. Cantilever racking can be loaded with products of any length and it can also be decked to make then suitable for storage of almost any product.

Typical Long Loads

  • Metal bar and tube – steel stockists, lampposts, yacht masts.
  • Timber – timber merchants, sawn and finished timber, panel products.
  • Over-size products – machines, jet engines, spare parts for ships.
  • Plastic pipes – gas, drainage, water.


“Our team were eager to maximise our storage capacity and our neighbours (Locators) came highly recommended. After meeting with their storage solution specialists we were impressed by their flexibility and found their simple, yet effective proposal enlightening. Their solution has helped us proficiently manage the space within our unit and we’d welcome them back for further optimisations. In fact, we’re in the process of scoping out a forklift for future use.”

Pete Jones

Production Manager, Externiture