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Focal Point Fires

Founded in 1983, Focal Point Fires of Christchurch is the UK’s premier manufacturer of high-quality gas and electric fires. Its team is dedicated to innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship. They were the first in the gas fire sector to introduce a purpose-made, double-skinned firebox to improve heat efficiency. To this day, they prioritise eco-friendly manufacturing to bring warmth and elegance to UK homes.

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Great service on a new electric counter balance truck delivered to the factory within the time scale. Always a pleasure to work with the Locators team. I would highly recommend.

Rory Frampton

Focal Point Fires

What We Provided Focal Point Fires

By partnering with Locators, Focal Point Fires has significantly enhanced its production capabilities. Yet, our Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T proposal hasn’t just improved their manufacturing efficiency. It’s also helped significantly streamline their product distribution. We’ve worked with Focal Point Fires for years, but this new electric counterbalance forklift has let them optimise many parts of their operation. Now, they can ensure that every process — from assembly to dispatch — is conducted with the utmost efficiency.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T is celebrated in the industry for its reliability and cutting-edge features. These traits have been crucial in minimising operational downtime and boosting overall workflow. Such logistical improvements have allowed Focal Point Fires to make products without stopping. It’s also sped up how fast they can transport the products they sell. They can now meet the ever-growing demands of the marketplace while maintaining an edge in the manufacturing sector. This reliable and efficient model ensures that production is never halted. It’s helped facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted manufacturing process.

Our support for Focal Point Fires extended well beyond the simple provision of equipment. It involved a comprehensive, customised approach. Such a collaboration aligns with their steadfast commitment to innovation and quality. We support their immediate production needs while reinforcing their position as industry leaders. So they can ensure operational excellence at every level of their manufacturing process. By empowering Focal Point Fires with tools and support, we’ve helped them maintain a commitment to innovation and quality. It has enhanced their capacity to lead and excel in the competitive fireplace industry. Our contribution has helped them meet today’s demands and prepared them for the future.

Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T

We supplied Focal Point Fires with the Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T. This electric forklift has set the standard in operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. Tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, it has a mix of performance, durability, and eco-friendliness.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBM18T excels in delivering high productivity and sustainable performance. It features cutting-edge electric motors that offer quick acceleration and impressive lift speeds. This is critical for maintaining pace in dynamic production settings. But what’s more important is that it prioritises safety with an integrated system for automatic speed control. It also features enhanced stability, so you can help ensure operator safety under all conditions.

Moreover, the forklift supports Focal Point Fires’ environmental goals with its energy-efficient technology. The Traigo family is renowned for reducing electricity usage and overall carbon emissions. Its regenerative braking system conserves energy and extends battery life. To put it simply, it exemplifies sustainable innovation in industrial operations. Plus, maintenance of the machine is straightforward. So you can ensure the forklift operates reliably with minimal downtime. In doing so, it helps support continuous production and operational excellence.