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Glinwell PLC

Since 1977, Glinwell PLC has represented the epitome of excellence in the agriculture industry. Now a second-generation family-run business, they focus on more than growing produce. They embody a culture of care, commitment, and quality. With a team of 450 loyal employees, Glinwell takes pride in controlling every step of the process. This way, they can ensure unparalleled standards from seed to delivery.

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What We Provided Glinwell PLC

At Locators, we’ve had the privilege of supporting Glinwell PLC’s mission since 2009. Initially, we supplied them with reliable electric counterbalance forklifts, ride-on PPTs and Toyota LWE160 pedestrian-powered pallet trucks. These helped lay the groundwork for efficient, day-to-day operations. In 2022, Glinwell recognised a need for more efficiency and sustainability in their material handling and got back in touch. On this occasion, we upgraded their ride-on PPT fleet with fourteen lithium-powered Toyota LPE240 ride-on PPTs and a Toyota 8FBM20T. The latter came with a rotator attachment for rotating waste skips into open-top containers. This was a big step towards modernising their material handling infrastructure. Yet, these upgrades weren’t just about gaining new equipment. They also helped align Glinwell’s operations with their green goals.

Building on this foundation, our most recent collaboration has taken a significant step forward. We supplied Glinwell with seven Toyota 8FBM16T electric counterbalance (ECB) forklifts. Yet, besides being electric, they came equipped with the latest Midac fast-charge batteries and chargers. This move represents a significant change from traditional, spare battery-dependent operations. Now, they utilise a far more sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly model. This shows our ongoing commitment to providing Glinwell with new solutions. Solutions that meet their needs while respecting their environmental responsibilities.

This bespoke solution reflects a culmination of years of mutual growth. We grasped Glinwell’s requirements and delivered cutting-edge technology to meet these needs effectively. This shows Locators’ dedication to long-term partnerships that deliver innovation and support. By equipping Glinwell PLC with these advanced forklifts, we not only showed our commitment to their operations, but this is because our ongoing partnership with Glinwell PLC is more than just a supplier-client relationship. It’s a collaborative journey towards a more sustainable and efficient future in the growing sector. We remain committed to supporting Glinwell’s mission of excellence in produce delivery. We do this through ongoing dialogue and custom solutions like the Toyota 8FBM16T forklifts.

Toyota Traigo 8FBM16T

In 2024, we supplied seven electric counterbalance forklifts to help Glinwell PLC excel at being green. Renowned for their efficiency and reliability, they were fitted with Midac fast-charge batteries. This advanced charging technology ensures that Glinwell’s operations remain seamless across multiple shifts. It eliminates downtime when changing batteries while reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional charging methods.


The Midac fast-charge batteries offer an approach to energy management in the agricultural sector. These forklifts allow for faster charging and longer battery life. Yet, the bottom line is that they help Glinwell PLC stay productive without compromising on its green principles. Adopting this technology enhances its operational capacity and aligns with broader sustainability goals. It marks a significant step forward in eco-friendly agricultural practices.