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Golden Coast

Golden Coast is the UK’s premier pool, spa, sauna, and steam product distributor. Since 1977, they’ve championed a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric service. Yet, although they’re rooted in a passion for enhancing the wet leisure industry, their mission extends beyond mere distribution. They strive to elevate the customer experience through their modern products. All while offering tailored support from their family-run base in Barnstaple.

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What We Provided Golden Coast

🟪 | Aisle-Master 15SE

When Golden Coast sought to modernise its fleet, it turned to Locators. We have a history of delivering exceptional material handling solutions and storage systems. Our team previously played a pivotal role in enhancing their operational efficiency. In the past, we had supplied two Robopac pallet wrappers and some Toyota power pallet trucks. However, their trucks had noticeably aged, so they needed to accommodate their fleet with another machine. Richard Ing, the Operations Manager at Golden Coast, has been a long-standing client of Locators. During his tenure at various companies, he again reaffirmed his trust in us by choosing our services. This new collaboration fortified Golden Coast’s operational capabilities.

After an evaluation, we recognised the need for a reliable addition to complement their fleet. Our team then supplied them with a refurbished Aisle-Master 15SE. This forklift is engineered for the unique demands of the wet leisure industry. It offers unparalleled efficiency and manoeuvrability within the constrained spaces of a warehouse. The strategic enhancement seamlessly integrated with their operational needs and bolstered their fleet. By providing the refurbished Aisle-Master 15SE, we not only met Golden Coast’s immediate need for a reliable addition. We also reinforced a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Our collaboration underscores our role as a trusted advisor and supplier in the material handling industry. We go out of our way to understand our client’s unique challenges and use our expertise to provide tailored solutions. This helps them achieve their operational objectives and sustain their growth. The Aisle-Master 15SE is just one example of how we combine quality equipment with exceptional service. Since supplying the refurbished truck, we have been on hand to provide comprehensive after-sales support. This has empowered Golden Coast to enhance the efficiency and reliability of its warehouse operations.

Aisle-Master 15SE*

The Aisle-Master 15SE stands out for its ability to navigate narrow aisles with ease. It maximises storage space without compromising on safety or performance. Its electric-powered operation ensures a cleaner, quieter working environment. One that aligns with Golden Coast’s commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency. This machine’s refurbished status shows our dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

*Pictured is the current production model — the 15NE


The Aisle-Master 15SE was informed by a thorough grasp of Golden Coast’s operational requirements. It also came from a commitment to enhancing their fleet’s reliability and efficiency. The benefits of the Aisle-Master 15SE for Golden Coast are multifaceted. Its exceptional load-handling capabilities have significantly improved operational flow within its warehouse. Plus, its versatility in navigating tight spaces has contributed to this improvement. This efficiency gain translates into faster, more reliable service for Golden Coast’s customers. It reinforces their position as a leader in the wet leisure industry.