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Owing to its competitive prices and high-quality standard, Hallways Office Furniture has not just become the leading supplier of office furniture in Dorset but nationally too.


Hallways Office Furniture has been an importer and retailer of high-quality office furniture for over 30 years. They pride themselves on the quality and variety of services and furniture. So much so that they have established themselves as the leading supplier of office furniture in Dorset and nationally too. Their large range of furniture is built to withstand daily use. From desks, chairs, storage, tables and more, Hallways offer the lowest prices without detracting from the quality.


Everything in your office makes an impact. From the aesthetics to the seating layout to the lighting – it all makes a difference. Yet, it’s the furniture itself that’s considered the centrepiece of any contemporary house, office or business space. And crafting a positive first impression is crucial when hosting potential employees or clients. That’s why Hallways Office Furniture aids customers in cultivating the atmosphere they want to portray.

Hallways Office Furniture know their goods play a crucial role in the overall ambience of your premises.

Furniture not only makes your space safe, relaxing and conducive for your occupants – it accelerates productivity. However, Hallways Office Furniture needed particular help within this department themselves. Having operated for over 30 years, they were no stranger to running a successful business. Despite this, they had an old and unreliable truck still operating in their New Milton warehouse. Whilst the vehicle didn’t interact with the public, it was having a negative impact on their productivity. Knowing their workplace efficiency could be refined, Hallways Office Furniture reached out to us.


At Locators, we provide fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business. Before Hallways Office Furniture reached out to us, we had yet to work with the suppliers. Therefore, as we do with any client who approaches us, we assessed their warehouse and the problem at hand. We do this because our experts understand how materials handling equipment can seamlessly integrate with your storage and picking operations. Our experience and knowledge of these systems can help improve your productivity and reduce costs.

So, to help improve their productivity, our team put forward a suggestion. With its ability to operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6m, we recommended the Aisle Master 15NE articulated forklift.

This new truck offers the advantages of a narrow aisle forklift, reach truck and counterbalance truck all rolled into one. What’s more, by using this truck alongside their reach truck, Hallways Office Furniture can utilise a truck outside. This not only averts the need for a new counterbalance it also eliminates time-consuming double handling. By opting for the Aisle Master, they can bolster their productivity and speed up “truck to rack” operations. Now, less time can be focused on their logistics management and put towards their customers.

Aisle Master 15NE

Can operate in aisle widths of just 1.6 m available in electric or LPG and cold store models.

Load Capacity

1.5-3.0 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

15 m

“This was our first time working with Locators and we were satisfied with our purchasing experience. Their team were clued in, helpful and knew exactly what would improve our predicament. Even under tight time restraints, they proved responsive with quick quoting for the Aisle Master and offered it at a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to procure warehouse materials.”

Lesley Pisanu

PA to Director, Hallways Office Furniture