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Henry Street is a long-established garden centre located in Arborfield near Reading. This independent and family-run business has grown over 350 varieties of roses for just shy of a century.


Henry Street Garden Centre adores everything to do with gardens, plants, pets and the outdoor lifestyle. Founded by Mr Henry Steet in the early 1900s, this family-run business rests on its horticultural expertise. So much so that their enthusiasm and dedication have earned them an unrivalled reputation for their rose growing. Owing to expansion, Henry’s grandson Henry Goold relocated the business to Arborfield in 1985. It is here where his sons, Mark, Alan, Peter and Tim later took over the family business. To this day, people journey from all over Southern England and beyond to see their 350 different varieties of roses perfected just shy of 100 years.


Brothers Mark, Peter, Alan and Tim Goold are the fifth generation of the family firm. With 40 acres of beautiful Berkshire countryside to care for, they are hands-on in the running of their independent venture. This includes maintaining the legacy of assisting those who get as much pleasure from growing their plants as they do from owning them. Once on the grounds, visitors are welcome to enjoy their large plant area and relax in the coffee shop. Yet, the rising popularity of open spaces amidst a global pandemic was both good for business and stretching them thin. Priding themselves on their people-centric approach, they knew they needed to take the next step – and fast. That’s why they reached out to us for help with their materials handling equipment.


At Locators, we provide fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business. Henry Street Garden Centre knew it was time to trade in and upgrade their current Manitou telehandler. There has been a compact Manitou – of one size or another – at Henry Street Garden Centre for the last sixteen years. We should know because Locators supplied them.

2006 - First Purchase

MLT 523, 5m

2010 - Replacement Purchase

MLT 523, 5m

2013 - Upgraded Purchase

MT 625, 6m

2017 - Upgraded Purchase

MT 625, 6m

This machine provides them with a versatile means of safe and efficient transportation for all types of plants and materials. Plus, much like previous models, the new MT 625 is still compatible with the Manitou Group’s attachments. These attachments are Manitou Group homologated and its load chart follows the EN1459-B stability tests.


Manitou is famed for its fleet of easy to handle, ergonomic and safe rough terrain vehicles. Having already upgraded the MT 625, it was clear to see that the telehandler was an ideal match for Henry Street Garden Centre. This latest compact MT 625 can be driven by up to five operators, who each use their own code number via the keypad to start the machine. Once inputted, the system tracks who was driving at any given time and prevents unauthorised users.

Alongside this is Manitou’s very own Easy Manager telematics. This provides the owner, Locators and Manitou with live service information, location and tracking. Should the machine move from its designated site, the owner will receive an alert via mobile. This alert will allow the owner to electronically subdue it and ‘ring fence’ it in place for retrieval.

However, upon inspecting their grounds, we identified another area of concern. Despite having a few power pallet trucks at hand, Henry Street Garden Centre’s workload necessitated another. The addition of a new Toyota LWE180 would greatly benefit their staff and clients by reducing any unnecessary wait times. As you can see from the picture taken three months after delivery, this flourishing rose business has already made good use of their new machine!

Manitou M 625 H

Construction telehandlers.

Specially designed for building sites and renovation projects involving lower heights. Its compact dimensions – with a width of 1.8 m and under 2 m in height – allow you to easily pass under thresholds and navigate congested areas.

Load Capacity

2.5 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

5.85 m


Toyota LWE180

Platform powered truck.

The BT Levio Walkie series suits all types of light-duty applications, such as horizontal transport, loading/unloading and order picking. All walk behind machines have TOYOTA castor link which automatically stabilises the truck and the load.

Load Capacity

1.4-2.5 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

0.25 m


“Having worked with Locators for the past sixteen years, we know we won’t ever be bitten by a machine that looks the part but costs us a fortune down the line. With them, if it looks well cared for, then it probably has been. The Manitou M 625 H in particular is a great high-end truck that offers a lot to those intending to spend a serious amount of time in a telehandler. Never have we driven a machine so small, yet felt so comfortable.”

Mark Goold

Partner, Henry Street Garden Centre