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Green to its fingertips, Hillier is renowned for its environmental credentials – such as recycling water, biological controls and waste management. Now, Hillier is expanding their retail portfolio with the launch of a new Online Shop. All so they can deliver top quality plants to gardeners nationwide.


Since 1864, Hillier has been renowned for growing the very best quality plants. Today, more than 900,000 plants are grown annually by plant experts at Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire. These are exclusively sold at their network of 17 Hillier Garden Centres. Plans to transform their e-commerce offering were already in the works. However, these were fast-tracked due to the advent of the pandemic and the surging interest in online sales.

Moving swiftly, Hillier relocated the shell of a warehouse near a site close to their Nurseries. This warehouse directly backed onto the main Nurseries site near Romsey, Hampshire. Fortunately, this means that Hillier plants are grown, selected, packed and dispatched from the same site. Which allows for exceptional quality control at every stage. Yet in order to ensure they optimised their warehouse in the best way, Hillier reached out to Locators for support. This was specifically regarding their shelving and storage management systems. We were asked to redesign a storage system for the fast picking of light goods – one that offered flexibility for reconfiguration and potential for future expansion.


The storage team recommended and supplied longspan shelving systems. Longspan shelving uses a simple design that makes installation and alteration easy. The shelving features no back bracing, allowing for easy access to goods from both sides. This form of racking has allowed for an increased product range to be made available online. Plus, there’s now the opportunity for an even quicker turnaround for customers from order straight through to dispatch.

“The erection of longspan shelving at our new dispatch warehouse was prompt and effective. Knowing we wanted to hit the ground running, Locators proposed that we chose a simple yet effective solution for the time being. This decision has given us ample room for additional capacity in the future. So far, the longspan shelving has really helped us proficiently manage the space within the warehouse. We were impressed by Locators efficiency – especially in the heart of a pandemic – and are looking forward to working with them again for our expansion.”

Martin Goldsmith

Online Retail Operations Manager, Hillier, Ampfield

Longspan Shelving

This is a heavier duty system with shelf lengths typically between 1 and 3 metres and frame heights of more than 2 metres.  It is ideally suited to storing larger boxes and cartons.