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Since 1992, Hy-Pro International has dominated the UK outdoor manufacturing scene. They are renowned for producing top-tier promotional footballs and sports gear for the Premier League and beyond. Driven by a mission to keep children active, Hy-Pro continually innovates to ensure its products entertain and get kids moving. Yet, as their global operations expanded, they sought a storage solution that would grow with them.

Pallet racking with barriers and rack protection. In the distance on the right-hand side is a Toyota forklift.

We recently completed a racking project with Locators at our new warehouse. Very happy with the design, service and efficiency. Bob was also brilliant. Highly recommend!

Bhavik Shah

Director, Hy-Pro

What We Provided Hy-Pro

When Hy-Pro outgrew its previous facility, it called on Locators for assistance. As the company scaled up, it needed to optimise its storage to streamline operations. To this end, our team devised a customised storage solution tailored to its new, larger premises in Dunstable. Our collaboration allowed us to merge existing racking components with new, state-of-the-art materials.

This strategic integration didn’t just maximise the facility’s storage capacity. It ensured the new premises could handle high demand without compromise. Better yet, we achieved this while maintaining the utmost safety and efficiency standards. The integration of these systems has transformed Hy-Pro’s logistical capabilities. They now have the infrastructure to keep their operations moving as they inspire more active outdoor play worldwide.

The results have been transformational for Hy-Pro, and we are proud to support their mission. With their new racking system, they’re better equipped to meet the growing global demand for their sports products. Locators are proud to partner with Hy-Pro in their journey. Our collaboration has equipped them with the tools to elevate their storage game to premier league standards.

Pallet Racking

Our custom-designed pallet racking system forms the core of Hy-Pro’s logistics infrastructure. It’s helped them accommodate a diverse and ever-changing inventory of sports equipment. The system is designed for flexibility and can be adjusted in storage arrangements to suit various product sizes and shapes. It can thereby be optimised for better warehouse capacity and accessibility.


The pallet racking is adjustable, letting Hy-Pro reconfigure storage as needed without extra cost. Wide aisles between the racks make picking faster, which is crucial for handling their fast inventory. The design also supports high-load capacities. It’s essential for storing bulky equipment as it ensures durability and stability under continuous use.

Barriers & Rack Protection

To make the warehouse safer, we installed full barriers and fitted barriers and rack protection systems. These additions are crucial in maintaining a safe work environment because they protect both the staff and the stored goods from accidental damage.


Our safety installations include rack-end guards to prevent impacts from warehouse vehicles. We also provided column protectors to shield posts from damage. Additionally, pedestrian barriers delineate safe walking areas from operational zones. This helps significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents.