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Johnsons HoReCa

Since 1975, Johnsons Hotel Restaurant & Catering Linen has been a trailblazer in the UK’s linen hire industry. They prioritise environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic efficiency to pioneer sustainability. They call this way of doing things ‘The Johnsons Way’. Their commitment transcends mere business. For them, it’s about enhancing customer experiences with impeccable quality — all underpinned by a deep-rooted ethos of sustainability and excellence.

Johnsons HoReCa

What We Provided Johnsons HoReCa

🟪 | Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T

Locators partnered with Johnsons Hotel Restaurant & Catering Linen for a transformative initiative. They needed efficient and eco-friendly material handling equipment (MHE) at their regional sites. So, they asked for our help, and we set out to align their commitment to innovation and sustainability with the MHE they used. To this end, we supplied five lithium-ion Toyota Traigo 8FBM20Ts. These trucks were cutting-edge replacements for their mixed LPG and diesel forklift fleet. However, this strategic upgrade didn’t just streamline their operations. It also significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

What’s more, lithium-ion forklifts are known for their efficiency and lower environmental impact. As such, they perfectly complemented ‘The Johnsons Way‘ ethos. The Johnsons Way is how they operate as a business. It integrates sustainability into everything they do and every decision they take. Our collaboration resulted in three key things. Those are enhanced operational efficiency, reduced emissions, and a strengthened commitment to sustainability.

Johnsons Hotel Restaurant & Catering Linen saw real benefits. Their productivity improved, maintenance costs decreased, and green credentials improved. Now, they continue to establish themselves as an innovative leader in the textile service industry. The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20Ts our team supplied acted as more than just material handling equipment. They play a significant role in Johnsons’ journey towards becoming a better, eco-friendly company. This partnership highlights our capability to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Such solutions don’t just align with our client’s values and objectives. They reinforce our position as a leader in fully integrated MHE and storage system solutions.

Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T

Locators provided Johnsons Hotel Restaurant & Catering Linen with five Toyota Traigo 8FBM20Ts. These trucks exemplify our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art material handling solutions. Lithium-ion-powered forklifts are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. These machines are made to be eco-friendly. They use less energy and cause less pollution than older models utilising LPG or diesel fuel.

This upgrade fits Johnsons’ quest for good service and eco-friendly beliefs.


The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20Ts stand out for their advanced features and capabilities. The forklifts have lithium-ion batteries, which are better than conventional power sources. The batteries charge quickly, last longer, and provide consistent power, so your operations won’t stop. Additionally, the absence of harmful emissions makes them ideal for indoor environments. This latter aspect aligned with Johnsons Hotel Restaurant & Catering Linen’s focus on creating a healthier workplace.

The Traigo 8FBM20Ts are also designed for operator comfort. They have intuitive controls and a spacious cabin, which enhances productivity. The compact design allows for exceptional manoeuvrability. Yet, while mobility is crucial for operating in the tight spaces of linen storage facilities, safety is paramount. Features like automatic speed reduction and enhanced visibility ensure a secure working environment.

In addition to all of the above, the forklifts’ sustainability features resonate with ‘The Johnsons Way’ principles. Reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption contributes to Johnsons’ goal. They have already minimised their environmental footprint by replacing LPG or diesel trucks. This strategic shift towards lithium-ion technology underscores their commitment to sustainable practices. It’s also setting a new standard in the textile services industry.

Toyota Traigo 80v 8FBMT – Industrial Forklift

Toyota Traigo range

Electric 4 wheel forklift

Load capacity

1.6 — 2.0 tonnes

Max lift height

7.5 m