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Keter leads the way in transforming living spaces to make the ordinary extraordinary. With a history spanning over 75 years, they’ve become synonymous with enhancing life’s everyday spaces. They merge design with sustainability to create durable, lifestyle-enhancing products. Yet, Keter’s dedication goes beyond product design; it’s about enriching lives by making every inch of space count. So every moment you spend at home is a joy.

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What We Provided Keter

In a strategic move to bolster their operational efficiency, Keter’s contacted Locators. Previously, we had provided material handling equipment, storage, access, and cleaning solutions. Our strategy was expressly tailored to their expansive manufacturing and distribution site. This time, we supplied them with a fleet of lithium-powered electric counterbalance trucks. By integrating lithium power into the mix, we eliminated the need for spare batteries — this streamlined activity by eliminating the inefficiency of swapping batteries in multi-shift operations. The result didn’t just enhance operations; it also aligned with Keter’s sustainability ethos.

These Toyota trucks are now a proud part of Keter’s operations. Our innovations have streamlined their workflow and align with their environmental ethos. They show how our team are committed to delivering custom, green solutions. Plus, these solutions don’t just meet but beat our clients’ expectations. Our collaboration shows a shared vision for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Together, we’re driving a future where productivity and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

This holistic approach ensures seamless operations and reduced environmental impact. It also upheld Keter’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our strategic partnership demonstrates how to achieve operational excellence and eco-friendly practices. Locators have supported Keter’s goals through this partnership. We have also championed Keter’s ethos of sustainability and efficiency. Keter has since integrated these advanced material handling solutions into their day-to-day operations. Together, we are setting a benchmark for the industry.

Toyota Traigo 8FBES10T

Locators proudly equipped Keter with one Toyota 8FBEST. This three-wheel electric counterbalance truck is famed for its agility and efficiency in tight spaces. As a lithium-powered marvel, it’s been a game-changer for Keter’s varied operations. It offers unmatched performance without the environmental toll of traditional batteries. Therefore, it provides high productivity with low environmental impact. Its small size and advanced ergonomics make operators more comfortable and safe. This makes it an ideal choice for navigating the diverse areas of Keter’s manufacturing and distribution site.


The 8FBEST boasts advanced ergonomics and safety features. These ensure operator comfort and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Its lithium-ion power source allows for rapid charging. It also offers extended run times, allowing continuous operation without battery swaps. This aligns with Keter’s sustainability goals by reducing waste and energy consumption.

Toyota Traigo 8FBE20T

With one truck delivered, we had a fleet of seven further trucks left to go, five of which were the 8FBE20T models. These three-wheel electric counterbalance trucks bring a blend of power and precision. They are designed to easily handle various manufacturing and distribution tasks. Their adaptability and lithium-powered efficiency make them indispensable for Keter’s operations. Now, they contribute to a seamless workflow that complements Keter’s dynamic needs.


Each 8FBE20T was selected for its ability to meet the demanding requirements of Keter’s operations. They’re now capable of managing diverse loads and working environments. The lithium-ion batteries ensure these trucks offer the same quick charging and extended run times as the 8FBEST ECB. Better yet, they align with Keter’s drive for sustainability and reduced environmental footprint.

Toyota Traigo 8FBMK20T

The remaining two trucks in the fleet are the Toyota 8FBMK20T models. Unlike the previous models mentioned, these were four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks. These trucks offer more stability and are tailored for heavier lifting and robust tasks. They provide an essential balance of strength and environmental stewardship. Their inclusion underscores our commitment to delivering versatile, high-performance solutions prioritising sustainability.


The 8FBMK20T trucks are specifically chosen for their heavy-duty capabilities. That and their suitability for various operational demands at Keter. Like their counterparts, they use lithium-ion technology. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they are far more efficient and enable quick charging and extended usage. Plus, it ensures they effectively meet Keter’s sustainability and performance criteria.