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Founded in 1995 in Poole, Lush has grown into a global leader in handmade, ethical, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Rooted in environmental stewardship, they have a worldwide reach of over 900 shops in 49 countries. Their mission is to fight against animal testing, reduce packaging, and leave a positive impact on the planet for a greener tomorrow — all while promoting their eco-friendly beauty solutions.

New Aisle-Master 20WHE Lush Locators

What We Provided Lush

Locators’ latest partnership with Lush has been a high point in a long line of collaborations. Like us, they know an eco-conscious company should handle materials with lean, green machines. That’s why we both saw the need for a sustainable operational makeover. On this occasion, we provided them with a fully electric fleet that aligns with their ethos of environmental stewardship. These electric models, including 25 Aisle-Masters and 15 Toyota Traigos, use clean energy to help Lush cut emissions and waste. Like Lush, our team is committed to cutting its carbon footprint and supporting green goals. We know that the right material handling solutions can help reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Our team supplied these machines just in time for Lush’s newly opened Green Hub in Poole. This noteworthy event underscores a shared dedication to innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Plus, these electric Aisle-Masters and Toyota Traigos helped streamline their operations. In addition to this, they have since revolutionised Lush’s storage. Our team has enhanced their distribution processes along with the Toyota Stackers and PPTs we supplied. These electric vehicles have helped Lush be more efficient and eco-friendly. They have paved the way for a better logistics model that aligns with their global sustainability goals.

Our collaboration marks a big step forward for how the cosmetics industry cares for the environment. By supplying these brand-new state-of-the-art tools, we’ve helped their mission of sustainability and efficiency. More importantly, Locators have boosted Lush’s efficiency without harming their green principles. Our collaboration shows the power of mixing new material handling with a solid commitment to the environment. Now, Lush can far better enhance its ability to manage resources more sustainably. Our approach ensures that Lush continues to lead by example in cosmetics. It shows how efficiency can go with environmental responsibility and our joint commitment to a greener future.

Aisle-Master 15NE

Lush received 25 Aisle-Masters, most of which were the AM15NE model and some AM20NEs. This marked a turning point in how Lush uses space in its warehouses. These electric narrow aisle forklifts have been instrumental in maximising storage efficiency. They’ve also helped Lush’s commitment to sustainability with greater agility and precision.


These electric Aisle-Masters are more than just space-efficient. They are also energy-efficient and contribute to Lush’s commitment to reducing operational emissions. Their electric nature means less noise pollution and reduced fossil fuel consumption. This perfectly aligns with Lush’s environmental ethos.

Toyota Traigo 8FBM16

The introduction of 15 Toyota Traigos electric forklifts has significantly boosted Lush’s operations. They have also improved reliability and eco-efficiency. These machines are a testament to the power of sustainable innovation. Toyota machines offer high performance without compromising on environmental values.


The Traigos range is renowned for its energy-efficient operation. It’s an essential addition for those who want to reduce the overall carbon footprint of warehouse activities. Their adoption by Lush reflects the company’s dedication to sustainable practices. Ensuring operational excellence goes hand in hand with environmental care.

Toyota Stackers

Adding Toyota stackers to Lush’s equipment fleet has brought unmatched precision and versatility. They have significantly improved their material handling capabilities. Designed for tight spaces, these electric stackers improve efficiency and safety.


Toyota stackers are known for their eco-friendly and easy operation. They are a perfect match for Lush’s sustainable operations. Their role in improving warehouse logistics shows Locators’ commitment to providing innovative solutions. Solutions that align with our clients’ green initiatives.

Powered Pallet Trucks

Lush’s investment in powered pallet trucks has dramatically improved its handling of goods. The trucks move goods from raw materials to finished products. They offer a sustainable way to move stock fast. Plus, they’re electric, so they support Lush’s ethos of environmental responsibility.


The powered pallet trucks are a critical asset for Lush. They have helped boost their operational efficiency and follow Lush’s sustainable practices. Their use in the Green Hub reflects an effort to minimise environmental impact across all operational aspects.