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Meachers Global Logistics

Fuelled by a legacy that began in the late 1940s as a family-owned coal business, Meachers Global Logistics has diversified into general haulage. Renowned internationally, they champion innovative solutions in freight forwarding, supply chain management, and logistics transport. Their commitment to quality, service, and expertise underpins their mission. This makes them a venerated leader in their sector, and they constantly innovate to meet and exceed market demands.


What We Provided Meachers Global Logistics

At Locators, we understand the evolving logistics needs inside and out. That’s why Meachers Global Logistic sought us out to collaborate on a shared vision. We set out to help improve their efficiency and safety with modern material handling and storage. Yet, before we could do anything, our intervention involved meticulous planning and execution. We dismantled certain sections of the existing tall and deep carpet racking for a new state-of-the-art installation. We didn’t just optimise Meachers’ warehouse space by adding a fire-rated mezzanine storage floor. We bolstered their commitment to safety by ensuring compliance with strict safety standards. In addition to this, we paired this with barriers and rack protection to provide a safer, more efficient workplace. This was tailored to Meachers’ needs and signified more than an infrastructure upgrade. It marked a strategic enhancement of their warehousing and logistics operations.

As experts in integrated material handling solutions, we’ve helped Meachers streamline their operations. By doing so, we’ve strengthened their ability to deliver excellent service worldwide at the forefront of the industry. This strategic upgrade provided Meachers with the necessary tools to streamline their operations. It also reflected our shared values of excellence, innovation and forward-thinking. Beyond increasing storage capacity, this transformation showed our commitment to innovative solutions. It shows how strategic changes can improve efficiency, safety, and space use. Now, they’re ready to meet the demands of a global marketplace with newfound agility and resilience.

Our work with Meachers is a testament to our ability to deliver new, efficient, and safe ways to handle and store materials. But it’s important to note that our close collaboration didn’t just meet their immediate needs. It also provided scalable solutions that can adapt to future growth, ensuring a lasting impact. This project is a testament to our shared values and dedication to advancing the logistics and transport industry. It also underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in every project we undertake, providing our clients with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive global marketplace, both now and in the future.

Mezzanine Floor

Our work with Meachers Global Logistics included installing a new fire-rated mezzanine storage floor. This clever solution maximised their warehouse space whilst meeting the highest safety standards. The mezzanine floor represents an essential upgrade. It improves storage and allows for better use of vertical space.


The mezzanine floor was custom-designed to fit in with Meachers’ existing operations and meet their needs. By choosing a fire-rated material, we’ve added an extra layer of safety. It will protect the workforce and the stored goods from potential fire hazards. This addition is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and secure storage solutions. It shows how far we go to enhance our client’s operational efficiency and safety protocols.

Barriers & Rack Protection

In line with our goal to enhance safety and efficiency, we also installed barriers and rack protection at Meachers’ facility. This addition is critical. It ensures the integrity of the storage systems and the safety of the personnel around them.


The barriers and rack protection systems are engineered to absorb impacts. They reduce the risk of damage to the storage racks and, more importantly, protect the employees. This installation clearly shows Meachers’ commitment to making a safe and efficient workplace. The installation aligns with industry best practices. Our approach was about more than just installing equipment. It was about integrating safety into the fabric of their operations. This change has not only boosted safety but also improved workflow in the warehouse. It shows our dedication to providing complete solutions for operational and safety needs.