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With dedicated technicians in the Industrial, Automotive and Defence sectors, Mipa Paints Ltd. bears the subtitle, “Professional Coating Systems” – and for good reason.


Based in Havant, Hampshire, Mipa Paints Ltd. was established in 1986 as a UK subsidiary to the Mipa SE Group. Derived from a family-owned enterprise in Essenbach, Germany, Mipa has thrived in over 85 countries worldwide. With over 100 years of technical expertise in the manufacture of professional coatings, it’s since established itself in the UK and Ireland.


Having built a new warehouse adjacent to its existing building in Havant, Hampshire, Mipa Paints were in a jam. This fast-growing medium-sized company developed and produced a variety of paints and varnishes. Whether it be automotive, industrial and decorative paints or wood paints for professional users. However, they were specialists in paints – not in storage solutions. To fulfil that purpose, they know they needed experts who could help them efficiently get more out of the space they had. They knew they needed to effectively optimise their pallet storage and paint spray booths. For that reason, Locators was selected as their preferred racking supplier early in the building planning stage. This allowed us to have valuable input in the design of Mipa Paints’ storage solutions.


Although Mipa Paints required standard pallet racking, we noted that it had to be specially designed. This was because it needed to accommodate a range of pallet types and sizes, with each acting as its own relevant picking location. With the correct process in place, we helped cultivate a productive and efficient workplace. The ultimate goal of improving Mipa Paints’ logistics was not only to save them time but also to save them money too. However, we were also keen to keep safety in mind. Therefore, Locators designed and phase-built this in coordination with their fire sprinkler contractor. We also implemented a twin-rail barrier system and fitted these to protect the perimeter walls. This prevented forklifts from causing structural damage to the building. Plus, the racking barriers prevented excessive damage to the racking. In the event of an incident, the modular design of the racking allowed for easy repairs if anything were to go awry. Thrilled by our work, Mipa Paints can continue delivering its outstanding service to their UK and Ireland customer base.

Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available volume. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.

Barriers & Rack Protection

Whilst practical and space-efficient, racking can fall like dominoes if struck by machinery. To avoid buckling the structure, Locators provide a number of protection solutions. These include upright protection, barrier systems and protection posts.

“Locators delivered fantastic customer service and their staff were always polite and friendly. Their engineers were helpful in advising on the design and were quick to respond to any questions we had as well. Perhaps more importantly, when compared to other storage solution companies, we found they were not only competitively priced but benefitted from a working knowledge of material handling equipment too. Great experience.”

Kevin James

Warehouse & Distribution Manager, Mipa Paints Ltd.