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Established in 1920 by the British government, NAAFI is a not-for-profit organisation that brings a touch of home to the UK Armed Forces worldwide. By providing essential services — retail, leisure, and more — they enhance the lives of service personnel and their families. Their commitment supports the Forces’ community and helps boost morale and well-being. With every action, NAAFI reinvests in those who serve and ensures they feel valued and connected — no matter their location.

Long perspective view down a warehouse aisle with high storage racks.

What We Provided NAAFI

When NAAFI sought a quote for a reach truck, we presented a hands-on solution that exceeded their initial expectations. Jordan Boxall, their Warehouse Manager, was talking to separate companies for forklift trucks and racking systems. However, he was taken by our personalised approach when we demonstrated the benefits of the Aisle-Master 20NE. We also showed him in person how it could enhance NAAFI’s storage capacity whilst also providing a forklift truck that can operate indoors and outdoors. In addition to this, our approach combined a direct consultation with detailed 3D visualisations. These let NAAFI foresee potential improvements in their warehouse layout so they could adapt to the future.

This clarity and attention to detail were a crucial part of Jordan’s decision to choose us for the project. Why? Because for NAAFI, it wasn’t just about equipment; it was about delivering a vision. Our layout was designed to enable them to carry out installation over two phases. We planned this in two phases to minimise disruption and allow for future expansion. Once the design was approved, we got to work. First, we arranged the provision of a new Aisle-Master 20NE and even provided them with a refurbished machine in the interim. Our team were able to implement this due to Locators’ extensive stock of used equipment we use for hire purposes.

In addition to the Aisle-Master 20NE, we also supplied and installed a range of new pallet racking. This was complemented by anti-collapse mesh, plus barriers and rack protection. Our team also installed timber decking to provide flexible storage of various pallet types. We also relocated the existing lights and added new ones to suit the new racking layout. As disclosed in his LinkedIn updates, Jordan was thrilled with the work done in the midst of a heatwave. Our phased installation has since met their immediate operational needs while preparing for future expansion of additional racking. This foresight and our dedication to client success were evident in our approach to project management.

Aisle-Master 20NE

At the heart of our project with NAAFI is the Aisle-Master 20NE. This robust and versatile vehicle is designed to optimise warehouse efficiency and storage capacity. It excels in both indoor and outdoor environments, crucial for the dynamic needs of military and logistic operations.


The innovative design of the Aisle-Master 20NE is engineered for precision and agility in tight spaces. As such, it significantly improves aisle navigation and storage density. It facilitates higher reach and load handling, enhancing operational productivity and space utilisation.

Pallet Racking

We provided NAAFI with customised pallet racking solutions. These were tailored to meet the specific demands of their operations. These reliable systems help reinforce order while maximising storage efficiency in the warehouse.


Our racking solutions are constructed to endure the rigorous demands of military operations. The durable design doesn’t just facilitate easy access and efficient inventory management. It’s also a key component in supporting the swift operational pace required by NAAFI.

Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning

Safety is paramount in any operational setting. Our anti-collapse mesh and partitioning systems provide adequate protection against accidental stock dislodgements. These additions safeguard personnel and goods and help ensure a secure working environment.


These systems are custom-designed and engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing storage setups. As such, they provide robust protection without compromising on the functionality of the storage areas.

Barriers & Rack Protection

Our installation included advanced barriers and rack protection systems. These don’t just play a critical role in preserving the integrity of the storage infrastructure. It also helps ensure a safe working environment for all NAAFI personnel.


These protective solutions are made from high-impact materials. This means they can absorb impact and reduce damage to storage systems from operational wear and tear. Plus, they help safeguard the stored materials and the staff operating in these zones.

Industrial Fit Out

The project’s scope also encompassed a minor industrial fit-out. This included a strategic relocation and the addition of lighting fixtures. These enhancements were designed to align with the new layout and provide optimal working conditions.


The lighting solutions were specifically chosen to enhance operational efficiency. Plus, our careful planning and execution helped ensure safety during all hours of operation. Better yet, the installation process was planned to ensure minimal disruption to NAAFI’s ongoing activities. This shows our commitment to complete solutions that meet our client’s operational needs.