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New Forest for Ukraine

New Forest for Ukraine is a dedicated group of volunteers in the New Forest united under a noble cause — to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine. Driven by compassion, they’ve delivered over 170 metric tonnes of aid directly to Ukrainian refugees. However, they’ve not only provided swift, direct support to those displaced by conflict. They’ve transformed compassion into impactful action.


What We Provided New Forest for Ukraine

🟪 | Customised Industrial Forklift

In an act of solidarity and support, Locators joined hands with the team at New Forest for Ukraine. Recognising the urgent needs in Ukraine, we extended our support by providing a vital resource. That being a customised forklift emblazoned with Ukrainian national colours. This gesture of solidarity has been offered free of charge for two years — preferably shorter, so the conflict ends sooner. This gesture transcends mere corporate responsibility. It’s a testament to Locators’ commitment to social responsibility and humanitarian aid. The forklift represents a lifeline and will help enhance the group’s operational capacity.

With it in place, it’ll significantly enhance New Forest for Ukraine’s logistical capabilities. The impact has been twofold. It doesn’t just boost their ability to handle and transport humanitarian aid, amplifying their reach and efficacy. It also represents a symbolic beacon of hope and support for the Ukrainian community. It will enable New Forest for Ukraine to continue their invaluable work with enhanced strength and resilience.

Locators’ support encapsulates our ethos of community, responsibility, and proactive support. Our partnership is a vivid illustration of how collaborative efforts can amplify the impact of humanitarian aid. It exemplifies how corporate entities can meaningfully engage in social issues. With companies like ours getting involved, it could create a ripple effect of positivity and change. And we hope it will make a positive change in a world that needs compassion and action. After all, through this project, we’re not just delivering aid. We’re providing hope, solidarity, and a brighter future for those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Customised Industrial Forklift

The centrepiece of our support to New Forest for Ukraine is the customised forklift. This machine, resplendent in the proud blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag, is more than a tool; it’s a beacon of hope and support. This forklift was engineered to meet the specific logistical challenges of aid delivery.


Enhanced Features

The forklift has advanced features. It can handle a variety of aid materials, from medical supplies to basic necessities. Its robust design ensures reliability in diverse conditions. This is crucial for the unpredictable environments of aid delivery.

Impact on Operations

The introduction of forklifts has revolutionised how they manage their aid shipments to Ukraine. Efficiency in loading and unloading trucks has dramatically increased. This has reduced turnaround times and allowed more frequent and reliable aid deliveries.

Long-Term Benefits

Over two years, this forklift will facilitate the movement of hundreds of tonnes of aid. It will directly impact the lives of countless individuals and stand as a symbol of unity and strength. Its role in streamlining operations cannot be overstated, providing a lifeline to those in dire need.