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New Milton Sand & Ballast

Since 1936, New Milton Sand & Ballast (NMSB) has supplied a full range of aggregates, concrete and building materials. As a family-owned business, it prides itself on providing a quality level of service to the local community. With sites in South Hampshire and East Dorset, they are a one-stop shop for trade and public customers.

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What We Provided New Milton Sand & Ballast

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New Milton Sand & Ballast (NMSB) stands out for their product range and commitment to safety and sustainability. Recognising the need to enhance their latest warehouse to benefit staff and clients, they enlisted our expertise. And our team stepped up to the challenge. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we provided a targeted response.

The electric-powered Combi-CBE4 is tailored to handle lengthy and cumbersome loads safely. The Combi-CBE4’s multi-directional capability doesn’t just mark a leap in productivity. It’s also an ode to eco-friendly practices. This intelligent addition has streamlined NMSB’s operations and paved the way for expansion and adaptability. The integration of the Combi-CBE4 aligns seamlessly with NMSB’s ethos of innovation.

It underpins their enviable status in providing dependable building materials and services. Their response to our solutions has been resoundingly positive and led to discussions of more enhancements. With their business flourishing and new sites sprouting up across the South, NMSB has embraced new technology. Their cutting-edge equipment reflects a deep-rooted investment in progress, safety, and ecological responsibility. And, with Locators at the helm as their trusted material handling ally, NMSB is set to maintain its trajectory as a trailblazer in the industry.


We suggested the Combi-CBE4 forklift truck because it can easily handle standard pallets and extended loads. This truck represents a significant stride in improving their operational efficiency and safety.


Despite its compact frame, the Combi-CBE4 is formidable — supporting loads up to 4.0 tonnes and reaching heights of 4.04 m. It not only excels in lateral movement. It can adeptly glide through narrow aisles while fully laden to help optimise NMSB’s storage space.

Moreover, the Combi-CBE4’s electric power source underscores NMSB’s dedication to environmental stewardship. This aligns perfectly with their aim of reducing emissions and fostering a healthier workspace. The implementation of this forklift is not merely an upgrade to their machinery. It’s a statement of their forward-thinking approach to business.

Combi-CBE multi-directional counterbalance trucks


Electric multi-directional counterbalance forklift truck.