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Pearce Seeds

Since 1967, Pearce Seeds has nurtured the land as a trailblazing agronomy and agricultural services supplier. Rooted in the South West of England, they enrich farming communities with innovative products and advice. This approach has driven their quest for efficient, state-of-the-art solutions in their operations. All while promoting sustainable farming in Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Gloucestershire.

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What We Provided Pearce Seeds

🟪 | Toyota Tonero 8FDF30
🟪 | Refurbished Aisle-Master
🟪 | Pallet Racking
🟪 | Barriers & Rack Protection

Thanks to our skill in integrated material handling equipment and storage solutions, we caught the eyes of Pearce Seeds. In fact, it was our renowned approach that proved pivotal in winning the project over the incumbent supplier. Yet, to enhance Pearce Seeds’ operational efficiency, we first had to understand its requirements. This way, we could ensure our solutions were practical and aligned with their business growth strategy.

Given their warehouse extension, we recognised a need to accommodate increased operations. To this end, we supplied one new Toyota Tonero 8FDF30 and three meticulously refurbished Aisle-Masters. Aisle-Masters are known for being the best way to maximise on-site storage capacity and can be used externally. Plus, two of these refurbished machines came equipped with advanced safety features. Our comprehensive service also included supplying and installing pallet racking, barriers, and guards. This holistic approach not only maximised their storage capacity. It also ensured operational safety and compatibility, outperforming their previous racking supplier.

Our strategic partnership has bolstered Pearce Seeds’ operational capabilities. It has also reinforced its position as a leader in agricultural services. This collaboration has delivered a synergy of cutting-edge technology and functional design. One that enabled Pearce Seeds to streamline its processes and amplify productivity. Our suggested integration has since made operations smoother, safer, and more efficient. The result embodies the synergy between our innovative solutions and their agricultural practices. One that has ensured mutual growth and success for their business.

Toyota Tonero 8FDF30

The Toyota Tonero 8FDF30 is a testament to efficiency, durability and heavy-duty applications. Reliable and high-performing, it’s well-suited for the demanding environments of agricultural work. Pearce Seeds’ outdoor operations have benefitted from its robust build and advanced technology.


The Tonero 8FDF30 excels in performance, offering impressive lift capacities and superb manoeuvrability. Its diesel engine provides the necessary power for consistent outdoor use. Meanwhile, its ergonomic design ensures operator comfort during long working hours. Its advanced safety systems include automatic speed reduction and a load-sensing hydraulic system. Such key features make it a safe choice for Pearce Seeds’ dynamic work environment. The introduction of the forklift has significantly increased productivity. It has also improved efficiency in handling heavy loads like fertilisers and seeds.


The three refurbished Aisle-Masters, tailored for Pearce Seeds, epitomise versatility and space optimisation. These forklifts are engineered for narrow-aisle navigation, enabling maximised storage in limited spaces. Custom modifications enhance their utility and safety in Pearce Seeds’ warehouse.


The customised Aisle-Masters feature a red ‘halo’ safety light, an LED mast-mounted camera, and a fork positioner. The safety light serves as a visual warning, enhancing worker safety. The camera system aids precision in high-rack placement. Meanwhile, the fork positioner allows for rapid, accurate pallet handling. These adaptations not only improve safety but also boost operational productivity. The ability to use these forklifts externally adds to their versatility. These additions make them a pivotal asset in Pearce Seeds’ logistic operations.

Pallet Racking

Our bespoke pallet racking solution has transformed Pearce Seeds’ storage capabilities. The system is not only designed to fit their specific needs. It has best optimised the space usage and enhanced the organisation of their warehouse.


The pallet racking system is engineered for strength and flexibility. It offers an additional 1,400 pallet locations. It also accommodates diverse sizes and weights of agricultural products. This provides easy access and efficient stock management. The design facilitates systematic storage. It enables quick inventory turnover and easy access for the Tonero and Aisle-Masters. This system has been vital in streamlining Pearce Seeds’ warehousing efficiency.

Barriers & Rack Protection

We installed robust barriers and rack protection to safeguard the warehouse and equipment. These are crucial for preventing accidental damage and ensuring a safe working environment.


The barriers and guards are strategically placed to protect the racking system and the forklifts. This not only prevents structural damage but also minimises the risk of workplace accidents. Their installation underscores our commitment to safety and operational longevity. The integration of these safety features with the design demonstrates our holistic approach — an approach which aims to create efficient, secure, and productive workspaces.