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Peppard Building Supplies

Peppard Building Supplies is more than just a builder’s merchant; they are an institution in Reading and the Thames Valley. Founded in the 1960s, their ethos is steeped in community spirit and social responsibility. They support large and small projects with quality materials to elevate construction standards.

Peppard Building Supplies

What we provided Peppard Building Supplies

🟪 | Toyota Traigo (s)

Our collaboration with Peppard Building Supplies isn’t new. It’s an enduring partnership built on shared values of quality, community, and excellent service. Recognising their need for an upgrade, we extended our expertise to make a strategic shift from diesel to electric forklifts. We supplied two new Toyota Traigo 9FBM30T forklifts, which are now integral to their operations.

The benefits for Peppard were immediate and impactful. Firstly, transitioning to electric forklifts significantly reduced their carbon footprint. It also better aligns with their goals for social responsibility. Secondly, electric forklifts offer greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs. In short, it has a much more positive impact on their bottom line. Lastly, their staff could now advise customers with firsthand experience with eco-friendly machinery.

This renewed partnership with Peppard Building Supplies reaffirms our dedication to three things. Those being quality, innovation, and community welfare. By supplying them with top-of-the-range forklifts, we’ve not only upgraded their operations. We’ve also supported their broader sustainability and customer service goals — something we mutually care deeply about.

Toyota Traigo 9FBM30T

In a new chapter of our enduring relationship, we supplied Peppards with two state-of-the-art trucks. These trucks were Toyota Traigo 9FBM30T forklifts. Unlike their counterparts, electric models are agile, reliable, and eco-friendly. As such, they perfectly align with Peppard Building Supplies’ operational ethos.


Tailored to meet Peppard’s operations, these forklifts are loaded with advanced safety technology. Plus, they are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Their zero-emission nature aligns flawlessly with Peppard’s commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition to its lower fuel and maintenance costs, these forklifts offer substantial financial benefits. The reduced noise levels also contribute to a more amicable work environment for staff and customers.

Toyota Traigo 80v, Long Load Centre

Toyota Traigo range

Electric 4-wheel forklift

Load capacity

2.0 — 3.5 tonnes

Max lift height

6.5 m

Max travel speed

20 km/h

Max battery capacity

80/500 — 80/700 V/Ah