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Poole Bay Holdings

Established in 1993, Poole Bay Holdings excels in direct marketing and manufacturing. With over thirty years of growth in Dorset, they thrive on making and selling many essential business products across the UK. Their team has over 20 sites and catalogues that deliver niche business resources and opportunities on the South Coast. Their ethos is about exemplary service, ethical business, and relentless growth.

An image of Poole Bay Holdings' new pallet racking and warehouse labelling & signage, courtesy of Locators

Fantastic service from Locators. Great to work with a local company. Highly recommend.

Beth McKenna

Poole Bay Holdings

What We Provided Poole Bay Holdings

At Locators, our mission was to make Poole Bay Holdings’ new extensive warehouse more efficient. We were tasked with improving both their storage and operations. Our bespoke strategy commenced with the relocation of existing pallet racking, which Locators had previously supplied. Adding new narrow aisle racking it helped elevate their storage capacity to over 3,000 pallet locations. To adapt to their changing needs, we combined a mix of narrow aisles to use space better and wider aisles to speed up ground-level picking and restocking.

To further optimise their storage strategy, we implemented drive-in racking systems. These systems were tailored for high-volume stock-keeping units (SKUs). This maximised the use of space and ensured a fluid movement of goods across the warehouse. These changes were crucial. They let the company accommodate their wide product range and keep high service standards. Our holistic approach also focused on safety and operational clarity. We installed anti-collapse mesh, barriers, and guards to secure the premises. Custom wire mesh decks and warehouse dividers were added to improve navigation and picking. We also fitted clear labels and signage to the pallet racking. The latest Kärcher cleaning equipment was also deployed to maintain a pristine environment.

Locators’ solutions included supply, installation, and customisation to meet specific needs. It enhanced Poole Bay Holdings’ ability to serve its customers with unmatched efficiency and safety. This project didn’t just reinforce our dedication to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions. It also equipped Poole Bay Holdings with the tools to sustain its growth and continue its commitment to excellence. They have since been featured in the Bournemouth Echo and DorsetBiz, with the latter calling them “The biggest local company you’ve never heard of.”

Pallet Racking

We recently upgraded the pallet racking system at Poole Bay Holdings. Our input helped increase their site’s storage capacity and efficiency. These systems include a mix of narrow aisle and broader configurations to boost floor picking and replenishment speed.


The tailored pallet racking solution included the strategic relocation of existing units. When coupled with adding new racks, it effectively created over 3,000 pallet locations. This system allows for more flexible handling of different product sizes and volumes. It has directly impacted the speed and efficiency of their warehouse operations.

Barriers & Rack Protection

Our robust barriers and rack protection keep storage systems and personnel safe. These safety features prevent damage to equipment and reduce accidents. They also ensure continuous operation and cut costly downtimes.


The barriers and guards can withstand high-impact collisions. This is crucial in busy warehouses. Plus, this protective equipment not only preserves the structural integrity of storage systems. It also minimises the risk of injury, promoting a safer workplace.

Warehouse Labelling & Signage

Poole Bay Holdings wanted to improve navigation and efficiency in locating products. To achieve this, we implemented comprehensive warehouse labelling and signage. This system aids in the quick identification and retrieval of items. It has significantly reduced processing time and enhanced overall operational workflow.


Our customised labelling and signage system is tailored to the unique layout of Poole Bay Holdings’ facilities. Due to its custom implementation, it has facilitated faster and more accurate picking processes. These enhancements have helped reduce human error while increasing the speed of order fulfilment.

Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning

To bolster warehouse safety, we introduced robust mesh and strategic partitioning. This setup ensures both personnel and products are shielded from potential hazards. It has helped significantly enhance workplace safety and security.


Our mesh design is engineered to intercept falling objects, minimising the risk of product damage and worker injury. The partitioning system efficiently organises the space. It delineates specific zones for varied operational activities within the warehouse.

Kärcher B80W Scrubber Dryer

We provided Poole Bay Holdings with a Kärcher B80W Scrubber Dryer, enhancing the cleanliness of their warehouse floors. This equipment ensures a high standard of hygiene and operational efficiency. This is crucial for maintaining product quality and worker health.

Pictured is the Kärcher Scrubber Drier B 95 RS BC Dose 180AHGEL


The B80W Scrubber Dryer is known for its efficiency and ease of use. It features advanced technology that ensures thorough cleaning results. Its deployment in Poole Bay Holdings’ facility supports a dust-free environment.

Kärcher KM 70/20 Sweeper

The Kärcher KM 70/20 Sweeper was also supplied to maintain an immaculate facility. This tool efficiently cleans large floor areas, keeping them debris-free and productive. It also promotes an aesthetically pleasing workplace.


The KM 70/20 is a manual push sweeper that excels in agility and effectiveness. It’s ideal for quick clean-ups and regular maintenance of the warehouse floors. Its light design and easy handling make it a must-have for easy cleaning.