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Qvis Lighting

In a world advancing towards sustainable technology, QVIS Lighting shines brightly. Since 2014, they have revolutionised spaces with their state-of-the-art LED technology. With over a decade of expertise, they have seamlessly integrated illumination with security. Their mission is to illuminate your world with affordable, innovative solutions. All while ensuring quality and reliability in every luminaire.
Qvis Lighting's new pallet racking, complete with anti-collapse mesh and partitioning, as well as barriers and rack protection. Also pictured is their refurbished Aisle-Master 15SE.

What We Provided Qvis Lighting

Qvis Lighting wanted to enhance its operational efficiency and storage space in its Havant facility. Facing tough competition, our expertise and bespoke solutions proved decisive. Our team focused on increasing storage density and refining product selectivity. After all, these were crucial aspects to enhancing in such a fast-paced production environment. The strategy we outlined wouldn’t just help Qvis increase its storage efficiency. It would also improve their access to and management of their extensive product range.

Our collaboration included the installation of a refurbished Aisle-Master 15SE. This refurbished truck was a crucial component in optimising their warehouse layout. This led to tighter aisle navigation and better space use, which improved their operational efficiency. We also implemented new pallet racking and smart safety solutions. This included the likes of anti-collapse mesh and robust safety barriers. These were all tailored to fit their specific requirements. These integrations have boosted the function and safety of their storage. They have also ensured longevity, showing the quality of our solutions.

The impact was immediate. It has enabled them to handle their growing inventory well while sustaining their market leadership. Most importantly, it lets Qvis keep its commitment to quality and innovation without compromise. Our solutions have empowered them to meet their growing demands effectively. This approach has dramatically improved operations at Qvis Lighting. It also shows our commitment to delivering efficient, custom solutions for our clients’ unique needs.

Refurbished Aisle-Master 15SE

Our team provided Qvis Lighting with an expertly refurbished, high-standard Aisle-Master 15SE. This Aisle-Master is tailored for efficient and tight space manoeuvres. It allows for optimal use of warehouse height and narrow aisles, thus boosting their storage capacity.

Pictured is the Aisle-Master 15NE.


The Aisle-Master 15SE has a strong design and excellent manoeuvrability. It allows for higher storage density and quicker product access. These are essential for Qvis to keep its logistics edge.

Pallet Racking

Our newly installed pallet racking systems are engineered to bolster inventory management. They are not just designed to be durable and adaptable. They can also support products of varied sizes and weights, promoting a more organised and accessible warehouse.


Each racking solution was tailored to meet Qvis Lighting’s specific needs for their luminaire products. This way, we could ensure optimal configuration for maximum storage capacity. Enhanced by precise installation, the racking system improves the overall workflow and efficiency.

Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning

Safety in the workplace is paramount; thus, we included anti-collapse mesh in our installation. The mesh helps secure the racks’ contents with an added layer of protection. Preventative measures like these are vital for busy areas where many employees work.


These robust meshes are installed at the back of the pallet racks to safeguard against product falls. They thereby enhance the operational integrity and safety standards of Qvis Lighting’s facility.

Barriers & Rack Protection

We installed solid barriers and rack protection to improve safety and protect inventory. These additions to the storage systems are critical in preventing damage to equipment and injuries to staff. They are one of the best ways to ensure a safer working environment for Qvis Lighting’s team.


These protections are strategically placed to prevent damage from warehouse machinery and traffic. They effectively reduce maintenance costs while extending the lifespan of the storage equipment.


Finally, adding decking to the storage setup provided a stable and secure platform for storing Qvis’s products. Yet this feature provided more than just stable and secure shelving for irregularly shaped or loose items. This setup also helps with better organisation and accessibility.

Pictured is the Industrial Fit Out.


Our decking options were customised to fit the dimensions and load requirements of Qvis Lighting’s products. This way, we could ensure they benefitted from a versatile and reliable storage platform.