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Since 1919, REIDsteel has excelled in honing a legacy in steel that merges innovation with enduring quality. They custom design, engineer, fabricate, and erect pre-engineered steel frame buildings and structures. As one of the UK’s top steelwork construction and cladding companies, they work hard to meet and exceed global standards. It’s how they ensure resilience and excellence in every beam and bolt.


Straddle Carrier, delivered on time, easily assembled by Locators & Combilift Team. Massive improvement in container and trailer loading, all training given. Very easy to use especially with remote driving. Minor cable break attended to the same day, part ordered on site and repaired the next morning. Great team to work with.

John White

Works Manager, REIDsteel

What we provided REIDsteel

🟪 | Combilift Straddle Carrier
🟪 | Combilift SL5000 Multi Directional Sideloader

When REIDsteel sought to enhance its operational efficiency, they contacted Locators for a solution. As leaders in material handling solutions, our team played a pivotal role in the evolution of their institution. We supplied state-of-the-art material handling machinery as robust as the structures REIDsteel is famed for. Our intervention marked a significant shift in their container loading process. Previously, they could only load two containers per day. However, by introducing the Combilift Straddle Carrier, we marked a paradigm shift for their business.

Where their team could previously only load two containers on a good day, they can now efficiently manage six. This transformative piece of material handling equipment enabled REIDsteel to triple their output. Now able to handle entire loads with unprecedented ease, it didn’t just save them considerable time in loading. It also had a ripple effect on delivery times and overall project timelines. This leap in productivity has streamlined their entire loading process.

The synergy between Locators and REIDsteel has been one of steel and productivity. Having set new benchmarks of operational efficiency, it’s paved the way for future collaborations. Most recently, we supplied two Combilift SL5000 Multi Directional Sideloaders. These new models replaced their old Boss Sideloaders on their ever-expanding site in Christchurch. Our partnership with REIDsteel has become far more than a transaction. It’s a commitment to continually improving material handling and industrial operations. At Locators, we take pride in supplying equipment and forging relationships that drive industries forward.

Combilift Straddle Carrier

Locators proudly supplied REIDsteel with the Combilift Straddle Carrier. It was a pivotal element in transforming their loading operations. This powerhouse in material handling boasts an exceptional capacity to load six containers per day. This is a remarkable improvement from their previous capability. The Straddle Carrier arrived on a brisk January morning. Its arrival marked the beginning of a new chapter in REIDsteel’s operational efficiency.


The delivery and assembly of the Straddle Carrier was a testament to teamwork and expertise. Arriving from Ireland, the assembly process was a coordinated effort. It involved a dedicated Combilift engineer, two skilled engineers from Locators, and a range of plant machinery. Over two days, the team assembled this engineering marvel, fuelled by coffee and British treats like sausage rolls and minced pies. This seamless integration into REIDsteel’s operations has enhanced their container loading efficiency. It also opened avenues for further advancements in their handling equipment.


Combi — SL Range

3-wheeled multi-directional sideloader forklift. Ideal for long loads.

Combilift SL5000 Multi Directional Sideloader

The Combilift SL5000 Multi Directional Sideloader addition to REIDsteel’s arsenal exemplifies our commitment. It shows that we provide custom, efficient material handling solutions. Having replaced older models, it’s integrated seamlessly into REIDsteel’s bustling Christchurch site. This underlines our dedication to evolving with our client’s needs.


Following the success of the Straddle Carrier, REIDsteel expanded their Combilift fleet. They added the SL5000 Multi Directional Sideloader. This forklift is a paradigm of versatility and efficiency. It is adept at manoeuvring in tight spaces and handling substantial loads. Its arrival signified another step in modernising REIDsteel’s equipment. This step ensures their operations remain cutting-edge. The Sideloader’s role in enhancing site efficiency is undeniable. It offers a reliable and agile solution for their ever-expanding operations.