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Since 1982, Rentool has been the cornerstone of construction equipment rental in South England. Their company has grown from a humble tool hire venture into a central player in the non-operated plant hire market. Founders Mike Jackson and Bill Collings now work alongside their sons, Toby Jackson and Ben Collings, and operate out of two depots — Poole and Chandlers Ford. Serving trade and DIY enthusiasts, they ensure every client receives the right tool for the job.

Rentool — Manitou MT 420

Manitou telehandlers are exceptionally popular with our customers, so we made the executive decision to fill a compact gap in our fleet. Fortunately, Locators were there to help us along the way. They have quality tools on hand and are always willing to help. Now, our short and long-term hire plans continue to expand rapidly.

Ben Collings

Director, Rentool

What We Provided Rentool

Ben Collings, Director of Rentool, has been a long-serving client of Locators. We’ve proudly supported them in the construction industry with superior and adaptable Manitou equipment. Our collaboration began with us supplying them with the Manitou MT 420 H ST5. While Rentool owned a selection of Manitou telehandlers, there was room to bolster their smaller trucks. At the time of provision, they only had one Manitou MT 420 in their fleet. Yet this new addition has allowed Rentool to deliver top-tier service in tough environments.

Recognising the continuous demand for compact yet powerful equipment, we later provided the Manitou MT 420 H. This strategic enhancement has allowed Rentool to serve niche markets. These markets need compact but powerful machinery for tight home and city construction spaces. The impact has been significant, and Rentool has expanded its market reach. It has also reinforced its reputation as a top equipment supplier. Plus, it has improved customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability of the right tools for tough projects.

These machines are chosen for their ability to navigate the tight spaces of homes and dense urban construction sites. These models’ added versatility and strength ensure that Rentool remains at the forefront of the rental industry. Through these strategic equipment updates, Rentool has not only strengthened its market position. It has also ensured its clients can access the most efficient and versatile machinery available. Now, our collaboration has increased Rentool’s operational efficiency and client satisfaction. It’s also reinforced their position as a leader in their sector.

Manitou MT 420 H

The Manitou MT 420 is a compact yet robust telehandler. Ideal for challenging environments, like tight urban and residential construction sites. Plus, its features boost efficiency and safety on site. For example, it has a hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation under load. It also has advanced hydraulics and user-friendly controls. These make it perfect for Rentool’s diverse and demanding projects.


The telehandler has a small turning circle and a strong load capacity. These make it exceptionally manoeuvrable and capable of tight spaces. However, its small size does not hurt its performance as it has more load capacity and a better engine for greater fuel efficiency. Plus, the integrated technology suite allows for real-time data monitoring. This ensures optimal performance and facilitates preventive maintenance. The MT 420 H not only meets but exceeds the intricate demands of modern construction sites. It supports Rentool’s strategy to adapt and continually meet the changing needs of the industry.