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RNC Fabrications

A steadfast commitment to quality and innovation lies at the heart of RNC Fabrications. With its foundation dating back to 1989, RNC is a trailblazer in sheet metal subcontract manufacturing. They specialise in precision-engineered products across the United Kingdom.
RNC Fabrications

Here’s what we provided RNC Fabrications

🟧 | Toyota Traigo

Locators have once again joined forces with RNC Fabrications to help enhance their material handling capabilities. We understood the expansive manufacturing plant’s inherent need for efficiency and safety. To facilitate this, we devised a robust solution to optimise their operational productivity. Locators supplied them with one Toyota Traigo counterbalance forklift.

Our team proposed this state-of-the-art machine due to their functionality and how it could be tailored to RNC’s unique workflow. The integration was seamless, and the results were immediate and far-reaching. RNC experienced a drastic improvement in their logistics efficiency. They experienced reduced downtime and greater accuracy in their inventory management.

Thanks to their superior agility and power, the Traigo has become an indispensable asset for RNC. In integrating this machine into RNC Fabrications’ operations, we didn’t just supply equipment. We delivered a holistic solution that enhanced RNC’s commitment to quality and efficiency. Through this collaboration, we’ve once again proven that we do more than just supply equipment at Locators. We provide solutions that drive businesses forward.

Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T Counterbalance Truck

At Locators, we pride ourselves on supplying an integrated approach to your material handling and storage needs. We supply high-quality, reliable material handling equipment that perfectly fits their operational needs. In the case of RNC Fabrications, we supplied one electric counterbalance forklift on this occasion.

The Toyota Traigo is designed to excel in the most demanding of environments.

The Toyota Traigo 8FBM20T is a marvel of material handling technology. Designed for heavy-duty operations, these forklifts offer unrivalled durability and robustness. Its cutting-edge AC motor has an exceptional lifting capacity that blends power, precision, and efficiency.

Toyota forklifts come equipped with advanced safety features, including . . .

| The Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)
| And Operator Presence Sensing (OPS)

These features ensure the highest level of safety. As such, Toyota forklifts are a perfect fit for the high-standard environment of RNC Fabrications. In addition to this, their excellent manoeuvrability and high-energy efficiency make them ideal for demanding operations. Their ergonomic design ensures operator comfort, boosting productivity and reducing fatigue.

Toyota Traigo 80v 8FBMT – Industrial Forklift

Toyota Traigo range

Electric 4 wheel forklift

Load capacity

1.6 — 2.0 tonnes

Max lift height

7.5 m