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In 1867, Joseph Stannah began engineering lifts and cranes for London’s dockyards. Five generations on, this family-owned British business uses its engineering expertise across the UK.


Joseph Stannah built the business in Bankside, London. Established on the foundations of British family values, ideals and ethics, Stannah first made cranes and hoists. These tools proved essential in moving goods around the bustling docks of the industrial revolution.

Now a family business in its fifth generation, Stannah has a held its focus on the family values Joseph articulated all those years ago.

Their mission is simple: they want to give people invaluable freedom, independence and safer enjoyment of their own homes. The Stannah Group manufactures stairlifts in the United Kingdom but is known worldwide. If the stairs become strenuous for some, the sooner they install a Stannah, is the sooner they’ll rediscover their independence.


Stannah Stairlifts focus on keeping the world moving. Having sold over 750,000 stairlifts worldwide, they are known as the global market leader in stairlifts. Their products also include passenger lifts, goods lifts and more. They also repair, modernise, and refurbish all sorts of stairlifts, escalators, and moving walkways.

Yet, more importantly, consumers know they can rely on Stannah to keep millions moving every day.

With a worldwide distribution centre optimised for storage and transportation, the Aisle Master was a no brainer. Stannah had already invested in one dedicated very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift and was keen for another. All so, they could eliminate any time-consuming double handling and speed up their “truck to rack” operations.


At Locators, we provide fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business. Stannah already had one Aisle Master, so they knew the benefits of using an articulated truck over a more cumbersome machine. This proved effective for their workforce as they can transport goods inside and load lorries outside. However, demand for their goods meant they needed more machines.

Unfortunately, in part thanks to COVID-19, new Aisle Masters come with substantially long lead times.

Due to this, Stannah approached us for two refurbished trucks. Our team supplied these, along with Stannah’s choice of power supply – which were brand new ORC batteries. These batteries allow for opportunity-charging and offer up to ten hours of extended operating time. Yet, unlike Li-ion batteries, these can be charged using Stannah’s existing chargers. Understanding how storage systems integrate with MHE and your business is what we specialise in. Now, Stannah’s saved money and benefitted from two fully refurbished trucks for their fleet.

Aisle Master 20SE

48v articulated truck.

Load Capacity

1.5-3.0 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

15 m

“Stannah have held a professional relationship with Locators for over ten years now. We had already purchased an Aisle-Master – courtesy of Locators – and were well aware of the benefits of using it over a more cumbersome machine. We’re now very pleased to have added two further trucks to our fleet for additional versatility and flexibility.”

Colin Jones (Virgil)

Head of Global Logistics, Stannah Stairlifts