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Stelling Properties cherish their ability to enhance the fabric of the urban landscape.

They place great emphasis on excellent design and high-quality, innovative builds.


Stelling Properties find and acquire land opportunities for property development. They deliver these projects through in-house design, manufacturing and construction expertise. Through fully integrating all the component parts of real estate, they have optimised their business.

However, they had one significant thorn in their side in the form of a traditional reach stacker. This machine wasn’t living up to its expectations and Stelling recognised it was not fit for purpose. It required a lot of space to manoeuvre meaning it limited the number of units that could be stored within the site; it was also extremely heavy which caused ground issues. They looked at the market place to see what was available.

Then they discovered the Combilift straddle carrier.

Straddle carriers are ideal for containers and heavy, oversized loads. They sit around the load and require minimal space to operate in. The primary benefit to Stelling is increased storage capacity within their existing yard. The machine is also much lighter than a forklift, as it does not need an enormous counterweight to lift the load. This means that it can operate on different ground conditions too. Better still, the straddle carrier can also be operated by remote control, allowing for a one-man operation. Whereas the previous truck involved four people to manoeuvre one load. With the previous truck on site, Stelling also had to use cranes to move products in the interim period at a significant cost.

The Combilift straddle carrier is about 1/2 the cost of a reach stacker.


We took Operations Manager, Charlotte Kennedy, and Warehouse & Facilities Manager, Chris Weston, to the Combilift factory in November 2019. Having seen the equipment in operation and the cutting edge production process, they were sold on the idea. Locators and Combilift then spent several months refining the specialised design. We did this in conjunction with Sam Coughlin, the Managing Director. The Product Development Manager, Sam Whitworth, then made some final tweaks to the design and the machine was ordered in spring 2020.

Unfortunately, the advent of COVID-19 delayed the delivery to the site.

Installation of the heavy-duty machine began on 22.03.21

Ahead of delivery, the straddle carrier was fully built and tested at the factory before being disassembled and delivered to Stelling Properties on x3 trailers. We reassembled the machine over two days. On the third morning, the machine was tested with a load and the final adjustments were made. With the unexpected advent of COVID, it had been a long time coming but we were very pleased to have the machine up and running.

Locators provided the following for the build

Alongside x2 Combilift engineers

   A fully contracted crane with driver

   x2 8.0 tonne forklift trucks

   x2 outdoor scissor lifts

   x3 Locators engineers

“Locators and Combilift have helped us design a machine that can handle our product using our own unique interlocking system. The Combilift SC will allow us to load and unload trailers and transport 16 tonne finished modules around our site. Storing them 3 high in long lines – with only 1,800mm needed between each row – this will significantly increase our on-site storage capacity. We are also saving a significant amount of cost from not having to use cranes around the facility. In addition, we’re now in control of our product movements when we need them. We have been impressed with the whole process including the final installation and commissioning of the machine and look forward to working with Locators over the coming years.”

Sam Coughlin

Managing Director, Stelling Modular

Combi SC Range

Straddle carriers are ideal for containers and heavy, oversized loads. Available in standard, telescopic and customised special application models.

Load Capacity

35 – 100 ton