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Backed by over a century of delivering domestic and international freight, TOLL Group deliver your cargo across their global network – via road, rail, sea and air.


The TOLL Group deliver more than just logistics. They are on a mission to help move the businesses that move the world. Yet with a network spanning 50 countries, 1,200 locations and 40,000 people, TOLL’s Feltham branch was slowly running out of time. The lease on their premises was coming to an end and they were tasked with a hefty relocation. Fortunately, two units were found on the same estate. Although they both presented their own problem – as both were somewhat space restricted. It was business as usual for TOLL but they needed to make a move and fast.


TOLL reached out to Locators for help and upon being awarded the contract for supply and fitting, we got to work. Our team initiated a phased dismantling of their 10m high pallet racking block and helped relocate this to the new units. However, we reconfigured this to make better use of the more limited space. Impressed by the speed and dexterity of our storage solutions, Toll also signed off on a new fire-rated mezzanine storage floor.

Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available capacity. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.

Mezzanine Floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location. These floors have many applications, such as warehousing, retail, offices and production. They also free up space underneath.

“We were pleasantly surprised by their excellent service. They listened to our requirements, gave us options and advised when required. The team were friendly and knowledgeable and it was all round a great experience – almost like having a friend visit. We look forward to working with the Locators team again in the future.”

Steve Daly

Warehouse Manager, TOLL Group, Feltham