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For over 40 years, Top-Op Foods has been a leading supplier and distributor in the world food market.

Background & Brief

Top-Op Foods caters to the growing demand for Asian and Continental foods in Europe. Through working with various global channels they have maintained a sustainable growth path. Top-Op offers more than 2,000 product lines and a wide variety of best-quality goods. These range from spices, lentils, pickles, rice, cooking ingredients, herbal ingredients, plus various non-food products too.

Locators are considered a trusted partner in their business and Top-Op Foods long-standing loyalty to us, as opposed to any other materials handling brand, has not gone unnoticed. As equipment comes towards the end of Contract Hire Agreements, we supply new replacements to meet their operational requirements. On this occasion it meant x4 new machines to add to a recently changed Powered Pallet Truck (PPT).


After reconfirming operational requirements, we were ready to supply them with x3 new Toyota Traigo 48 Electric Forklifts and a new Toyota LWE160 PPT. The forklifts are all to the same specification, which allows them to flexibly operate in different areas of their 2 warehouses. All forklifts are equipped with Toyota’s award-winning System of Active Stability. The Toyota LWE160 PPT is lithium powered so that, as required, it can be safely and reliably opportunity charged. Plus, the elimination of gassing when on charge is environmentally beneficial around food products.

BT Levio LWE Series

Trucks with driver/platform powered truck

Load Capacity

1.4-2.5 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

0.25 m

Max Travel Speed

6.0 km/h

Max Battery Capacity

225 Ah 

Toyota Traigo 48v 8FBMT

Battery 4 wheel forklift

Load Capacity

2.0-5.0 ton

Maximum Lift Height

6.5 m

Max Travel Speed

20 km/h

Max Battery Capacity

775 Ah

“We have a long-standing history with Locators and are happy to continue working with them. They are a customer focussed business, rather than a manufacturer, and are always easy to communicate with. We have had regular on-site meetings and are always offered high levels of service support. Although the old forklifts had different contract end dates, Locators were happy to accommodate our request for all x4 new Toyotas to be delivered at the same time. As always, Locators were dependable, professional and helpful. After 20 years we know we can always rely on them.”

Babu Shah

Director, Top-Op Foods