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UK Roofing and Plastics has developed to be at the leading edge of supply, with a vast choice of Tiles, GRP and Flat Roof solutions and many new and innovative products and tools.


Based in Slough, UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies began life as Amersham Roofing Centre in 1977. Known for its honest and dependable roofing services, it established itself as a reputable supply source. With over 40 years of trading, the strong foundations built all those years ago continue today in UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies.

The name change in September 2006 marked a change in direction, with UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies focusing solely on supply.

Yet, they have continued their legacy of innovative thinking and unrivalled stock offering. This saw UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies become the trusted choice for both the Trade and Public for every type of roofing project. Now at the leading edge of supply, they provide a variety of Tiles, GRP and Flat Roof solutions, in addition to many new and innovative products and tools.

Locators have assisted them with their . . .

Brief – Reading Regional Office

UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies were looking for a new regional office in Reading to help increase productivity and grow their market share. The customer needed a supplier to design and supply a storage solution and provide materials handling equipment for their newly acquired warehouse space.

Locators came highly recommended after providing a similar combined project for another customer in the same industry.

MD Neil Price recognised the experience and expertise that we provided. As with previous projects, Locators understood the importance of integrating storage systems with the right materials handling equipment, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and space optimisation.

Material Handling Solution

The storage team designed a layout based around the Aisle Master articulating forklift. The Aisle Master can operate in much narrower aisles, compared to a counterbalance, which is what UK Roofing had been operating with at their Head Office branch.

This enabled them to fit more stock in the warehouse, resulting in increased product range and quicker turnaround for customers.

The solution was a combination of standard pallet racking, with open boarded timber decks for flexible storage of various pallet types/quality, cantilever racking for longer loads, such as packs of roofing batten and longspan shelving for smaller hand loaded items.

Aisle Master

Available in electric or LPG and cold store models

Load Capacity

1.5-3.0 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

15 m

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking does away with the traditional pallet racking format. This makes it easier for some businesses who may need to store longer loads. Despite the open nature of this racking, it’s still possible to make use of the space. Provided it’s decked, it can suitably store almost any product.

Storage Solution

Protection from potential forklift truck damage and load spillage was offered by end of aisle barriers, rack armour guards and mesh partition systems. The mesh partition system also provided a secure cage for the storage of valuable items.


Minimise travel distances with an orderly set-up. Our modern shelving systems are for lighter duty applications than pallet racking. They’re fully adjustable and can accommodate products of different heights. Maximise your accessibility with our modern shelving solutions. 

Barriers & Rack Protection

Whilst practical and space-efficient, racking can fall like dominoes if struck hard by heavy machinery. To avoid buckling the structure, Locators provide a number of protection solutions. These include upright protection, barrier systems and protection posts. 

Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning

Warehouses must remain a safe working space for you and your staff. Personnel not only need to be protected in the event that goods fall from above but those goods need to be secured. Anti-collapse mesh and partitioning is a versatile solution that achieves just that. 

Storage Solution

Locator’s unique pigeon-hole design provided storage of plastic extrusions (up to 5m long). A mezzanine floor over this racking system utilised the height of the building and provided an access link to the first floor offices. This created a flexible storage platform, which would otherwise have been wasted space.

Mezzanine Floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location. These floors have many applications, such as warehousing, retail, offices and production. They also free up space underneath.

“We had just invested in a new industrial unit and it was crucial to make the best use of this increased space. Locators Ltd came highly recommended to us and after meeting with the storage team we were impressed by their proposal. They did a great job in maximising our storage capacity and supplying the right forklifts for our operation.

It was also a real bonus being able to work with one supplier for both the storage and materials handling equipment elements. The team were professional and knowledgeable and we would definitely recommend them to other businesses.”

Neil Price

Managing Director, UK Roofing

Brief – Oxford Branch

To support continued growth, UK Roofing & Plastics opened a new branch in Oxford. Having supplied and outfitted their Reading store, UK Roofing invited us to submit a new proposal. This time, they wanted to fully utilise the space at their new site, which included a warehouse and a substantial external yard. Specifically, they wanted to optimise this with materials handling equipment and storage systems.

“Seeing the benefits of having a narrow aisle articulating forklift truck at Reading, which is designed for internal and external use, it was obvious the same solution would be beneficial at Oxford too.”

Neil Price

Managing Director, UK Roofing

Storage Solution

Our solution for the yard was hot dipped galvanised pallet racking. This racking is outfitted with pressure treated timber decks for flexible storage of various pallets. The area would feature a mix of narrow aisle racking; for maximum storage capacity and product utilisation. Additional pallet racking would line the perimeter of the site and would be fitted with galvanised anti-collapse mesh. This area would principally facilitate slower-moving products. Yet, hot-dipped galvanised cantilever racking would provide a solution for storing long lengths of timber batten.

Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available volume. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.

“Galvanising the racking systems and providing pressure treated decks helps to protect the investment for longer by reducing the effects of weathering and the onset of corrosion which often occur when being used in an external environment.”

Ben Buckler

Senior Storage Systems Sales Engineer, Locators

Storage Solution

Our team also installed narrow aisle pallet racking and timber decks in the warehouse. This included some bays fitted with mesh partition systems to create a secure area for valuable products. In addition to this, its anti-collapse feature prevents load spillage into the pedestrian pick area behind. We provided longspan shelving for smaller items and a pigeonhole rack for longer plastic extrusions.

The retail store area was completed by Foursquare Workspace Office Fit Out & Refurbishment – who Locators work in partnership with and recommended for this project.

Solutions – Slough, Head Office

On the back of the good work carried out by Locators at Reading and Oxford, we have also been successful in supplying a refurbished Toyota 02-8FGF25 counterbalance truck for their Head Office in Slough.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had repercussions worldwide, and amongst them is long lead times for brand new forklifts.

“Fortunately, Locators stock an assortment of second-hand forklifts awaiting refurbishment. With availability a matter of urgency our team assessed our stock, and a gas-powered Toyota Tonero was put forward as the right solution. Our engineers refurbished the truck and sent it over to their Head Office in our covered transport. This was undertaken within a third of the time it would’ve taken them to wait for a new forklift”

James Blagden

Area Sales Manager, Locators

Toyota Tonero 02-8FGF25

With Torque Convertor.

Compliant with the latest emissions regulations, Tonero diesel trucks are ideal for intensive work. Safe manoeuvrability and fast acceleration make the Tonero highly productive in a range of material handling applications.

Load Capacity

1.5 – 3.5 tonnes

Maximum Lift Height

7.0 m

“Our Head Office needed a forklift – and fast. When Locators recommended a refurbished model, we were sceptical at first. However, the benefits soon became clear. We wouldn’t have to cope with long lead time and – although we feared there might be some superficial paint damage to the chassis – we were pleasantly surprised that Locators brought it to us good as new. Plus, we were informed that gas forklifts are far quieter, create less harmful emissions and are more environmentally friendly. All in all, Locators have proven to be as capable as ever.”

Neil Price

Managing Director, UK Roofing