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Avoid accidents at work with simple rack protection

When managing your business, safety should be your top priority. Yet this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Serious consequences can result from abusing health and safety regulations. In a worst-case scenario, this could even end in death. However, let’s brush aside such morbidity and reconsider your warehouse management. Most warehouses contain some form of racking or materials handling equipment. These are promising investments that perfectly suit the needs of your company. Since their inclusion, you may have noticed an improvement in your warehouse’s efficiency. So, why not protect yourself and your investment?

Invest in your business with rack protection.

Rack protection delays damage to your racking. It should not be viewed as an accessory to your warehouse management but an integral element. These essential items serve an important function. They keep your employees safe and your stored materials protected.

What are the benefits of rack protection?

For over 20 years, Locators have offered a surplus of alternative protective measures. Physical barriers can shield goods from collisions and absorb the impact of forklifts. They can also increase lower repair costs and create a safer working environment.

Rack protection can prevent workplace accidents, costly maintenance charges and damage to goods.

It only takes one accident to drastically alter someone’s life. Safety shouldn’t be disregarded or overlooked. Prevent suffering in your warehouse with rack protectors. Unfortunately, vehicular crashes are among the more common workplace accidents. Forklift drivers are often under pressure and are prone to rush. The consequences of which could be deadly, especially if a forklift damaged racking. The colossal structures have the potential to topple or buckle under the weight of its own goods. Most forklift cabins also only provide coverage on the top. Worst yet, if personnel are nearby, it could have serious ramifications. So, whilst you should expect a crash you can help prevent serious damage with rack protection.

Our Rack Protection Options

For over 20 years, Locators have provided storage solutions. Safety has always been high on our agenda. Our experts are up-to-date on experimental safety techniques and procedures. We want to be extra careful and think you should be too. Elements of our rack protection use strong luminous colours. That way, drivers and personnel can immediately recognise potential hazards.

So, for peace of mind, read on to discover our various rack protection options.


Personnel need to be protected from falling goods, in the event of a worst-case scenario. Anti-collapse mesh secures products and can resolve many safety issues within a warehouse. Its versatility makes it well-suited to rack protection.

Anti-Collapse Mesh

Securely store goods with anti-collapse mesh. Fixed to the rear of the racking, it is best used if positioned away from a wall. Mesh is also used to make pedestrian walkways safe. This is a much-needed tool if there is a risk of items falling from the racking system.

Mesh Partitioning

Freestanding mesh partitioning systems are cost-effective – yet secure – alternative to dividing areas. These systems can be supplied in modular configurations. This includes full mesh or a combination of mesh and solid panels.

Mesh Machine Guards (Straight or Round)

Mesh guards are more robust and are typically used for protection around machines. We offer a comprehensive range of straight or round corner mesh machine guards. These provide more than adequate protection within the warehouse.


Pallet racking can be a costly investment. Ensure it does not suffer significant damage from trucks and other warehouse equipment. Should you ignore racking protection, your racking risks collapse – which could prove expensive for your business.

Upright Protection

These metal or plastic upright guards can be bolted to the floor or clipped to the upright. They have high visibility, meaning your staff will be hard-pressed to not see them.

Barrier Systems

Create safe pedestrian routes to ensure your business meets its Health & Safety regulations. These are suitable for protecting the ends of pallet racking, machinery and walkways. They are often used to provide protection over wider areas.

Protection Posts

An alternative option for protecting exposed corners of racking systems. It’s also used to protect other key structural supports, such as a doorway. They can also be used to form an accessible protected area.


Personnel need to be protected from falling items and other potential hazards. To ensure your business is a safe working environment, you should review your racking. Locators offer a SEMA trained rack inspection service and are able to offer training too. That way, you can get on top of any rack repairs or replacements ahead of time – before they become too serious an issue.



Our team has developed a keen affinity for warehouse management. Amongst our knowledge of the best layouts, formats and organisational skills, is safety. Through highlighting safety in the workplace, your team benefit from a secure environment. For your organisational needs, we provide:


Aisle and Bay Markers


 Code Labels


 Document Pockets


 Floor Signals


 Floor Graphic Markers


 Frames for Documents


 Frames for Floors


 Label Holders


 Location Markers


 Magnetic Self-adhesive Tape


 Magnetic Tape


 Numbers and Letters




 Rainbow pockets


 Ticket Holders


 Ticket Pockets


Weight Load Notices


 Wire Shelving Clips