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Storage systems : Pallet racking

Pallet racking

Pallet racking is generally used for heavy duty storage applications where the stored items are loaded by a forklift. Racking systems can provide a high density solution with rack heights of over 12 metres and operational aisle widths as low as 1.4 metres.

Racking is available in powder coated or galvanized finishes suitable for internal and external applications.

The systems can be designed to accomodate products of different sizes and to maximise the utilization of the available internal space of the building. Typically configurations of racking systems include:

Wide aisle
Aisle widths are set between 2700mm and 3500mm which makes them suitable for loading with a three wheel electric forklift or a reach truck.

Narrow Aisle
Aisles are set between 1800mm and 2600mm for use with an articulating forklift. The density of storage can be up to 25% higher than a wide aisle system.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)
Aisles are  between 1400mm and 1800mm and provide the highest density storage. Specialist VNA materials handling equipment is required for these systems and they can operate up to heights of 15m.

There are other types of more specialised pallet racking configurations such as:

Double Deep
This increases the storage density by having one pallet stacked infront of another. The limitation is that the front pallet has to be moved to gain access to the rear pallet but is ideal if 100% selectivity is not required or the two pallets contain the same items. The rear pallet is retrieved from its location with extending forks fitted to the forklift truck.

Drive in racking
This type of racking configuration is a similar principle to double deep, but with several pallets stacked behind each other. The forklift truck drives into the racking system to retrieve the stored pallets. A compact forklift truck is required to operate in the narrow lanes created by the racking system. Drive in racking offers excellent utilisation of space when the available headroom is limited or is not being used. These systems are usually positioned against a wall.

Drive through racking
This is similar to drive in racking systems, but it is usually positioned away from walls allowing pallets to be placed or removed from either side.

We also supply a comprehensive range of pallet racking accessories to customise any installation. These include:

Pallet support bars - these are used when pallets require additional support due to their quality or design.

Drum chocks - for supporting drums that are not palletised.

Support channels -  are used for the safe storage of stillages in pallet racking.

Timber decking - to provide a level shelf for picking or supporting pallets of variable quality or size. Health and Safety where there are pedestrian or fork lift access routes through racking.

Chipboard shelving - is used to form a shelf level within pallet racking onto which boxes can be stored. The chipboard is held  in position on the beams by either clips or locating blocks.

Steel decks - an alternative material to chipboard which is used with heavier loads or when hygiene is an issue.

Mesh decks - are also used to form shelves within the pallet racking. Mesh is useful if sprinkler system requirements demand an open shelf to allow the ingress of water.

Labelling and general signage - we can supply comprehensive pallet, shelf and aisle labelling systems for product identification and to meet Health and Safety requirements. These products include beam and shelf code labelling, location markers, magnetic and self adhesive lettering, ticket holders and pouches, document pockets, aisle and bay markers and weight load notices. Please download our datasheet for further information.



Pallet racking

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