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Storage systems : Shelving


Shelving systems are usually used for lighter duty applications where the items to be stored are loaded by hand. The systems are fully adjustable and configurable to accomodate products of different heights and provides a high density solution with operational aisle widths of only 1 metre.

A wide range of accessories are available including dividers, lockable doors, drawers, side and back cladding and timber or metal shelves.

Small parts shelving

This is the lightest duty shelving and is constructed with small shelves up to 1 metre long and frame heights of up to 2 metres. Systems are either bolted together or are boltless for ease of construction and reconfiguration making the system highly flexible.

Longspan shelving

This is a heavier duty system with shelf lengths typically between 1 and 3 metres and frame heights more than 2 metres. Chipboard shelving is very popular for this application and it is idealy suited for storing larger boxes and cartons. This system is also fully adjustable and configurable for the application.

Mobile shelving

These are typically small parts shelving systems that are movable within set floor guides. The systems are usually configured around one single access aisle with the individual shelving runs being moved manually or electrically when access to them is required. This system offers very high density storage and is suited to applications such as archive storage.

For further information on our shelving systems please call us now on 01202 854220 to discuss your requirements and arrange a free site survey.


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