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Independent expertise and advice from Locators​

Locators offer practical storage solutions for all warehouses. We are the leading independent materials handling company in the South of England. No job is too large or too tiny. Locators are committed to approaching all our tasks in a methodical manner. We gained our leading accolade by working with the smallest and biggest businesses in the area.

How do we achieve what we do? Once we assess your warehouse, we’ll determine whether your business is efficiently run. We’ll do this in lieu with our stacked knowledge on storage solutions. This can range from the racking and mezzanines we provide to the forklifts we supply. We’ll check your warehouse from top-to-bottom and establish a list of potential alterations. Once you approve these changes, your logistics department will see a rapid improvement. Such storage solutions will ultimately save your organisation time and money. Our team are capable of supplying a variety of options that will give your business that competitive edge.

With 75+ experienced staff members and 20 mobile field engineers, we offer a host of services. Our storage solutions will open your eyes to your staff’s uncapped productivity potential. We also offer services that will show you how to maintain your forklifts to keep them in top condition. With Locators, you’ll get expert advice when it comes to high-quality storage solutions. We operate at the scale of a national company but deliver the local service you’d expect from a specialist independent.


Key ways to prime your warehouse for quality storage solutions

If you’re considering optimising the layout of your warehouse, congratulations. All warehouses should undergo routine checks, to ensure the business is run as efficiently as possible. Firstly, evaluate how your staff currently operates within your warehouse.

  • Where does your staff congregate? Is too much storage bunched in one place and would it make more sense to spread it out?
  • Are you giving your staff sufficient incentives? This will boost productivity and help with engagement!
  • Do you need to maximise your vertical space? If so, you may need to invest in forklifts, racking and mezzanines
  • If this is the case, you might need to assess whether or not your aisles possess enough space for adequate loading and unloading
  • Label and organise ALL your products. Digitise if you need to! It’ll be better for the environment and your peace of mind too

Once you’ve made these observations, prioritise and check this against your budget. We offer a good deal of storage solutions but too much too soon can prove costly. Our experts are always open to consultations and will carry out the above and more. If solutions aren’t appropriately checked against your budget, it could prove the opposite. Such a significant change to your storage solutions can prove costly. However, our consultants won’t let this happen. They’ll integrate a cost-effective timeline that is an effective way of easing your staff into the transition.

Future-proof your warehouse

The perfect storage solutions are often the simplest. Yet, a vast number of small and medium-sized businesses track their inventory with outdated methods. This isn’t good news when the retail side of the business experiences an influx of customers. Great, you have more business. However, if your warehouse can’t effectively keep up with demand, you’re in trouble. Want to streamline your stock checks and ensure products are picked, packed and shipped on time? Ditch the manual solutions and gain a competitive edge. We highly recommend adapting to a barcode and scanner labelling system. It improves accuracy, and efficiency and helps staff find their way around your warehouse. Again, it might seem simple but most storage solutions often are. It’s the application and persistence to get them up and running that are truly key to any successful enterprise.


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About us

Founded in 1985 by Brian Cowles, Locators secured a distribution deal with Toyota. Soon after, we claimed our first major deal with Bacardi Martini in Southampton. Since then, the company has bloomed in partnership with Toyota. In fact, we became one of the first-ever suppliers of articulated forklifts. At first, we supplied customers solely from our purpose-built facility in Dorset. However, due to our growth, we widened our reach with Toyota and in 1996, established a branch in Reading. This gave us greater coverage of the M4 corridor and West London so we could provide our storage solutions further afield.


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With that said, Locators are more than forklift suppliers. Outside of the obvious materials handling and storage solutions pages, we offer so much more. You can find anything your warehouse may need within our easy-to-navigate online catalogue.


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