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Storage Solutions in Berkshire

Storage Solutions in Berkshire

Locators’ ultimate guide to storage solutions in Berkshire

Transform your workspace with Locators, Berkshire’s leading storage solutions specialists.

Why Locators are the backbone of storage solutions in Berkshire

With Locators, you’ll find bespoke storage solutions in Berkshire that will help your business soar.

A seasoned sailor can effortlessly navigate the Thames from Reading to Windsor, able to detect the subtlest shifts in the water. Locators are much the same when supplying storage solutions in Berkshire. Our expertise has been fine-tuned over three decades in the industry, and our promise is simple. We offer you innovative, cost-effective and, above all, safe storage systems that meet your unique needs. Safety and efficiency are our twin beacons that guide our every solution and decision. We also recognise that your business isn’t just an operation; it’s your carefully cultivated brainchild. As such, this isn’t a mere job for us. We’re committed to protecting your investment and ensuring its growth in bustling centres like Slough, Maidenhead, and beyond. We believe in fostering partnerships with our clients.

In the bustling hub of Reading or the historic town of Newbury, every business has its own rhythm and needs. Like a maestro conducts an orchestra, we bring harmony to your storage needs. Our team will create a symphony of efficiency that resonates with your business objectives. In the vibrant retail landscape of Wokingham or the industrial expanses of Bracknell, we’re there to support your growth. We’re not just a service provider but an ally in your journey, your partner in ensuring you achieve your full potential. Every business in Berkshire is a unique tapestry woven with threads of ambition, resilience, and innovation. Our mission is to help you weave in the critical thread of optimal storage solutions. We’re on hand to turn your warehouse from a maze of boxes and shelves into a well-organised, well-oiled machine. In the heart of Windsor or the quiet charm of Thatcham, we cater to every business’s storage requirements.

We’re here to ensure that the safety and efficiency of your storage systems never become the dragon you have to slay. Instead, we turn it into a powerful ally, ensuring you can focus on running your business while we care for the rest. At Locators, we’re passionate about what we do. We provide innovative storage solutions in Berkshire that never compromise on safety or quality. Our team have spent three decades perfecting our craft, and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you. Let Locators be the compass that guides your business through the ever-changing seas of storage solutions. With our expertise, commitment, and personalised approach, you’ll find a safe harbour. After all, we’re known across the South for offering the most efficient and innovative storage systems. So, whether you’re in Ascot, Maidenhead, or elsewhere in Berkshire, know we’re ready to partner with you. Together, we can lead your business to new horizons of growth and success.

Your journey to optimal storage begins here with a trusted provider of storage solutions in Berkshire.

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The Locators’ approach to delivering top-notch storage solutions in Berkshire

We’ll help you transform your workspace one storage solution at a time, right here in Berkshire.

At Locators, we understand the importance of our role in your business. Providing top-notch storage solutions in Berkshire isn’t just a service we deliver; it’s a partnership we forge. Through our well-structured approach, you’ll benefit from tailored solutions for your specific needs. Over the past three decades, we’ve refined our strategies to bring you safety, efficiency, and excellence. We’ve led the way by focusing on these core principles and our unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction. So, whether your business is located in the bustling economic hubs of Reading or the charming town of Thatcham, know that our experts are here to help.

Let’s delve into our process and how we make a difference . . .

Safety — Creating Secure Spaces

Every successful journey begins with a single, well-planned step. Here at Locators, we prioritise safety. Safety in the workplace is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a commitment to your team and your business. At Locators, we ensure that responsibility is upheld to the highest standards across Berkshire. Whether you’re based in the bustling commerce of Reading or the peaceful environs of Thatcham, our commitment remains the same. We have years of experience and a keen understanding of the dynamics of different working environments.

Thanks to this, we have developed a robust portfolio of safety services to secure your workspaces in Berkshire . . .


  1. Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning
    Workplace accidents are not just tragic; they’re costly. We’re on a mission to safeguard people and products with our anti-collapse mesh and partitioning solutions. Our systems form a barrier against potential disasters, providing an added layer of security. So, are you situated in the busy warehouses in Maidenhead or the thriving distribution centres in Slough? No matter where you’re based, we can help. The flexible nature of our solutions means they can easily adapt to your layout, making your warehouse a safer place for your team and your goods.
  2. Barriers & Rack Protection
    Our barriers and rack protection solutions are shining armour for your racking systems. Heavy machinery is in constant use in bustling operations such as those in Newbury or Wokingham. As such, your racking could fall like dominoes if struck hard enough. Want to shield your racking systems from such potential incidents?

    We provide robust protective solutions, including . . .

    🟪 | Upright protection
    🟪 | Barrier systems
    🟪 | And protection posts

    These precautions help prevent a collapse, saving you financial loss and potential harm to staff.

  3. Rack Inspection & Maintenance
    Ensuring the long-term safety of your warehouse is paramount. To achieve this, regular inspection and maintenance are essential. Our SEMA-approved inspectors help ensure that your storage equipment remains in good order. We’ll eliminate potential safety hazards before they can become a problem. Whether in Windsor, Ascot, or any other part of Berkshire, we can help you maintain a safe working environment. Moreover, we offer training for your team, empowering them to conduct their own assessments. This adds an extra layer of safety vigilance to your operations.
  4. Warehouse Labelling & Signage
    An efficient warehouse is a safe one. Accurate warehouse labelling and signage don’t just streamline operations. They also help reduce errors and enhance safety by providing clear directives to personnel. Drawing from our three decades of experience, we can implement effective labelling and signage in your warehouse. So, do you have a new setup in Bracknell or an existing operation in Thatcham? No matter your location, we use only the best materials for our products, ensuring durability and visibility. We can install the labels to new racking or fit them to your existing equipment. Our team will seamlessly integrate them with your operation for quick use.
Solutions — Maximising Your Space

At Locators, we know that efficient space utilisation is vital to a successful business. Every square metre matters, especially in areas of high commercial demand such as Reading, Slough, or Windsor. However, every business in Berkshire has unique needs and challenges. With Locators’ tailor-made storage solutions, we can transform your warehouse or storage facility. You’ll soon come face-to-face with a highly efficient operation that squeezes the maximum utility out of every square metre. Our carefully designed storage solutions are tailored to not only fit within your available space. They’re also designed to maximise your space and your business potential.

It all starts here with Locators, the experts in providing storage solutions in Berkshire . . .


  1. Cantilever Racking
    We’ve taken the concept of traditional pallet racking and stretched it further. Our cantilever racking solutions are perfect for businesses in places like Ascot or Bracknell that need to store long or bulky items. This open-format racking system does away with the need for vertical supports, making it easier to store and access larger items. Even with the open nature of cantilever racking, we ensure maximum space utilisation. Provided it’s decked, it can suitably store almost any product. This makes it a versatile and space-efficient solution for your business.
  2. Live Storage Systems
    In busy warehouses in Maidenhead or Newbury, every second counts. Our live storage systems help save these precious moments and streamline your operations.

    By placing your stored goods on rollers, you can . . .

    🟪 | Speed up loading and unloading times
    🟪 | Reduce travel distances
    🟪 | Achieve greater storage depth than standard systems

    These systems are perfect for holding or marshalling areas for finished goods awaiting despatch. They’ll help ensure your products are always ready to move when you are.

  3. Mezzanine Floors
    Space constraints often pose a significant challenge for growing businesses in Berkshire. It’s especially prevalent in urban centres like Reading or Slough. That’s why we offer mezzanine floors as a perfect solution for those needing expansion without relocating or investing in new premises.

    These additional floors within your existing warehouse can be used for . . .

    🟪 | Warehousing
    🟪 | Retail
    🟪 | Offices
    🟪 | And production

    They not only maximise the vertical spatial capacity of your current location. They also free up space underneath, effectively doubling your usable area.

  4. Pallet Racking & Shelving
    Do you have the high-ceilinged warehouses of Windsor or the bustling storage facilities in Wokingham? It doesn’t matter which; we have something that’ll help. Adjustable pallet racking (APR) and modern shelving solutions will enhance space utilisation. The flexible design of our pallet racking system allows for changes according to your needs. Meanwhile, our modern shelving solutions are ideal for lighter-duty applications. These systems are fully adjustable and provide easy accessibility. So you can store more within your available volume, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Locators are more than just service providers. We are a partner invested in your success. Our strategic approach to storage solutions has profoundly impacted businesses across Berkshire — from Maidenhead to Thatcham. We’ve seen time and again how our commitment to safety and our dedication to maximising space has had an effect. It’s not only transformed workplaces but also catalysed operational efficiency, driving business growth. Our comprehensive suite of services and solutions is designed with you in mind. They are not just about enhancing the safety and efficiency of your storage facilities. They are about strengthening the backbone of your operations.

Our strategic approach is evident in . . .

🟪 | Every warehouse we optimise
🟪 | Every rack we install
🟪 | Every safety barrier we put in place

They’re all steps towards fostering a more robust, efficient, and successful business for you. Across Reading, Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead, and beyond, we stand as a beacon of quality, trust, and excellence. With us by your side, you’ll experience not just an improvement in storage safety and efficiency but an overall operational uplift.

Partner with Locators today and let us work together in achieving your business’s full potential in Berkshire.

Storage Solutions in Berkshire 2

Locators provide tailor-made storage solutions in Berkshire

Your business. Your space. Your way. Experience unrivalled storage solutions in Berkshire with Locators.

From the business hubs of Reading and Slough to the towns of Windsor and Maidenhead, we set the gold standard for storage solutions in Berkshire. Locators deliver excellence, innovation, and safety in every project. Our team proudly provides storage solutions designed and executed with precision and passion. We don’t just supply storage solutions; we create spaces that breathe efficiency and safety. We’re here to help your business optimise operations and, ultimately, thrive.

So, what exactly makes Locators the go-to provider of storage solutions in Berkshire?

Safety First — Prioritising Well-being

At the heart of our approach lies an unwavering commitment to safety. We believe that a safe warehouse is a productive warehouse. Are you located in Newbury’s thriving logistics sector or Thatcham’s industrious landscapes? If so, we equip businesses across Berkshire with safety measures that protect your staff and secure your goods.

Our team provide the following suite of safety measures to ensure a secure working environment . . .

🟪 | Anti-collapse mesh & partitioning
🟪 | Barriers & rack protection
🟪 | Rack inspection & maintenance
🟪 | And warehouse labelling & signage

Space Optimisation — Innovating with Intelligence

We redefine how you utilise your space, whether based in Ascot’s busy corridors or Bracknell’s peaceful quarters.

Our team will transform your warehouse into a dynamic and efficient hub through intelligent solutions like . . .

🟪 | Cantilever Racking
🟪 | Live Storage Systems
🟪 | Mezzanine Floors
🟪 | Pallet Racking
🟪 | And Shelving

With Locators, you get more than just storage. You get an environment meticulously designed to stimulate productivity and efficiency.

Customised Approach — Catering to Unique Needs

Every business has unique needs. We recognise this and offer customised solutions to these varying demands. So, are you a sprawling warehouse in Wokingham needing flexible pallet racking? Perhaps you’re a bustling retail unit in Maidenhead requiring tailored shelving solutions?

No matter who or where you are, we’ve got you covered with storage solutions that are . . .

🟪 | Adaptable
🟪 | Flexible
🟪 | And bespoke

At Locators, we are passionate about delivering excellent storage solutions in Berkshire. Our team is committed to safety and providing innovative space optimisation strategies. This customised approach sets us apart and places us at the forefront of the storage solutions industry.

We are proud to serve the vibrant commercial landscape of Berkshire, partnering with businesses in . . .

🟪 | Reading
🟪 | Slough
🟪 | Windsor
🟪 | Maidenhead
🟪 | And beyond

As we continue to advance and innovate, we remain dedicated to our clients. We’re here to provide safe, efficient, and tailor-made storage solutions that cater to your unique needs. It’s time to experience the Locators’ advantage today. Discover the difference that superior storage solutions can make to your business in Berkshire.

Let’s shape a safer, smarter, and more successful future together.

Storage Solutions in Berkshire

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