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Storage Solutions in Wiltshire

Storage Solutions in Wiltshire

Locators’ ultimate guide to storage solutions in Wiltshire

Uncover limitless possibilities with our top-tier storage solutions in Wiltshire.

Revolutionise your warehouse with bespoke storage solutions in Wiltshire

Locators — Transforming your storage landscape with tailored expertise and innovation.

Consider your warehouse as the heart of your business. Just like the human heart, it needs to be healthy and efficient to keep everything else running smoothly. This is where Locators step in to provide vital health checks and treatments for your warehouse. As the South’s leading material handling and storage system company, we’re no stranger to optimising your space. Our team offer a range of tailored storage solutions in Wiltshire. We aim to transform your warehouse from a mere storage facility into a strategic asset that drives your business growth. We aspire to optimise your space, streamline operations, and foster a healthy work environment. In hiring Locators, you buy lasting efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Each business has unique needs, and we pride ourselves on delivering customised storage solutions. We go beyond the conventional one-size-fits-all approach to address specific challenges and objectives. Our solutions are designed to adapt and evolve along with your business. In doing so, we can ensure a sustainable and future-proof warehouse environment. Wiltshire holds a unique position in the UK’s business landscape. Our in-depth understanding of its local fabric equips us to deliver finely tuned storage solutions. Our industry experience and local knowledge make us a reliable partner in enhancing your operations.

Safety stands as a pillar of our service commitment. We are dedicated to creating a safe warehouse environment. Your space should be a place where staff can focus on their tasks without concerns, boosting overall productivity. Fortunately, our storage solutions safeguard your products and the well-being of your workforce. In summary, Locators is not merely a provider of storage solutions in Wiltshire. We are architects of warehouse transformation. Our tailored solutions act as building blocks. They can help construct a dynamic, efficient, secure working space that supports your business growth.

It’s time to redefine the potential of your warehouse space with Locators.

How we master the art of delivering exemplary storage solutions in Wiltshire

Engineering warehouse efficiency with customised material handling and storage systems.

In a world where warehouses serve as the beating heart of businesses, the need to optimise these spaces cannot be understated. At Locators, we don’t just bring years of experience and a promise to maximise your efficiency and productivity. We also offer an unwavering commitment to ensuring every square inch of your warehouse works for you rather than against you. Our experts are seasoned architects in the realm of warehouse efficiency. We’ll paint a canvas of seamless operations with our bespoke storage solutions in Wiltshire. Our approach can be seen as a meticulously designed blueprint that addresses your unique warehousing needs — from the initial site survey to ongoing service support.

We pride ourselves in being there for you every step of the way, and here’s how we do it . . .

Intensive Site Survey

Our journey crafting your optimal storage solutions in Wiltshire begins with an intensive site survey. It’s a meticulous exploration of your existing warehouse operations, which aids us in gathering pivotal data.

This includes everything from . . .

| Understanding your warehouse layout
| Identifying potential obstacles
| Pinpointing avenues for improvement

Drafting Design Options

With the data in hand, we then draft design options. This is where our creativity and technical expertise come to play. We create potential designs that provide clear choices about the most efficient ways to utilise your warehouse space. This stage is about nurturing informed decision-making that underpins the success of the final solution.

Incorporating MHE

Our solutions don’t stop at storage. At Locators, we also integrate Material Handling Equipment (MHE) into your storage solution. This union of storage and MHE ensures a seamless workflow. Our team will work through your workflow and help eliminate potential hurdles in your warehouse operations. We’ll advise your team on the most suitable MHE to maximise the efficiency of your business, offering unparalleled value for money.

Final Design & Project Quotation

What happens upon identifying your requirements and drafting potential solutions? We’ll present a final design and project quotation. Our specialists use cutting-edge 3D visualisation software. Such software lets you envision the proposed changes rather than relying on traditional 2D schematics. Upon approval, we’ll put forward a project quotation covering supply and installation costs.

Installation Management

The installation marks the exciting phase where our plans come to fruition. Our trusted specialists oversee the entire project. We’ll see that every component of your bespoke storage solution is installed correctly and efficiently. Our team pay meticulous attention to details. We’ll ensure that the final result mirrors the vision conceived during the design phase.

Ongoing Service Support

We believe in creating lasting partnerships, not one-off transactions. As such, our service doesn’t end with installation. Our team provide ongoing service support. We’ll ensure that your warehouse operations run smoothly. Plus, we’ll see that potential issues are addressed promptly. Our proactive service and expert inspections provide your storage space deliver optimal performance.

Our holistic approach to delivering superior storage solutions in Wiltshire helps business growth. We don’t just provide storage solutions. We engineer systems that streamline operations and foster productivity. We take your warehouse from a simple storage space to an optimised, efficient asset. Your warehouse should always be a space that supports your business strategy. So, when you choose Locators, you’re not merely selecting a storage solution provider. You’re choosing a partner dedicated to turning your warehouse into a realm of efficiency and productivity. Locators is a partner who stands by you, from the first consultation to the ongoing support.

In this commitment, you’ll find the true essence of our services at Locators.

Unleash excellence with our premier storage solutions in Wiltshire

Revolutionise your warehouse with bespoke material handling and storage systems.

In the dynamic business world, it’s the game-changers who often optimise their resources most efficiently. Space is one of the most precious assets critical in the value chain. This is especially the case for businesses anchored in physical inventory. Once effectively utilised, it can dramatically impact a company’s productivity and profitability. This is where we at Locators step in with our top-notch storage solutions in Wiltshire. We are not just solution providers. We are collaborators on your journey to achieving operational excellence. Through decades of experience and deep domain knowledge, we can transform your space into a hub of efficiency. We’ve curated a suite of integrated material handling and storage systems that boost productivity across the UK.

Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of what we offer . . .

Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking system shines as a beacon for businesses needing to store long, awkwardly shaped items such as . . .

| Timber
| Piping
| Or metal

This open-format racking system banishes the limitations of traditional pallet racking. It presents unrestricted access from the front and eliminates the need to manoeuvre items awkwardly. It can help boost staff productivity and ensure a streamlined, safer workflow in your warehouse. The cantilever system’s inherent flexibility means it can adapt to your changing inventory. So you can be sure that your investment is protected for the future.

Live Storage Systems

Our live storage systems represent an innovative approach to handling high-volume goods. Offering the pinnacle of space utilisation, these systems use gravity-fed roller tracks. Such rollers reduce unnecessary travel distances within the warehouse. Based on the ‘first-in, first-out’ principle, this efficient design enhances stock control. It also reduces the likelihood of outdated stock lingering unseen. By making the goods come to the workers rather than the other way around, businesses can see an increase in picking rates and productivity.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors offer a solution that lets businesses grow upwards, not outwards. It doubles your storage capacity and enables you to utilise the vertical space within your warehouse. This extra space can be used not just for storage but for additional offices, staff facilities or production areas. Each mezzanine floor is bespoke and designed to your exact specifications. So you can ensure it seamlessly integrates into your current operations. With this method, businesses can not just scale up. They can do so without facing the overheads associated with moving premises or expanding the existing footprint.

Pallet Racking

Our pallet racking systems stand as the backbone of many successful warehouse operations. The adjustable design allows you to store goods of varying sizes, ensuring optimal space utilisation. This low-cost system can help manage and streamline the flow of goods in your warehouse. It is almost always vital for businesses with large or diverse inventories. Beyond that, the flexibility of our pallet racking systems allows them to evolve with your business. They can accommodate changes in stock type or volume with minimal disruption.


Our shelving solutions offer a blend of versatility and accessibility for lighter-duty applications. They are fully adjustable to accommodate products of different heights. Thanks to clear visibility and easy access to every product, they ensure a streamlined order-picking process. Shelving solutions don’t just help staff fulfil orders swiftly and accurately. They also bolster customer satisfaction. Best of all, they can be tailored to fit any available space. So you can create an orderly and efficient setup that boosts operational efficiency in any warehouse.

In essence, our storage solutions in Wiltshire are not just standalone services. They are a carefully orchestrated symphony that brings harmony to your warehouse operations.

Each component fits seamlessly into the broader picture, amplifying overall . . .

| Efficiency
| Productivity
| And operational ease

We firmly believe that a warehouse is more than just a storage space. It’s a living, breathing entity that plays a pivotal role in a business’s success. It can become a stronghold of efficiency, a hub of smooth operations, and a launchpad for growth. At Locators, we make it our mission to help you transform your warehouse into a powerhouse.

We deliver bespoke storage solutions in Wiltshire that support your business in scaling new heights of success.

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Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

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