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Storage System for Business

Storage System for Business

Locators’ ultimate guide to storage system for business

Your ideal storage system for business awaits at Locators — where space, sustainability, and solution converge.

Revolutionise your space with our storage system for businesses

Locators build the backbone of businesses with unparalleled storage systems.

Why does your business need a well-structured storage system? The answer is quite simple: a high-quality storage system is to a business what a sturdy skeleton is to the human body. It’s the core, the structure that holds everything together, aligns operations and propels growth. At Locators, we firmly believe that businesses can do more than exist — they can thrive, and it all begins with optimising your space. Every square foot of your workspace is a vital asset, a canvas of potential waiting to be maximised. Imagine your business space as a living, breathing entity that grows alongside your business. It adapts to its unique requirements, driving efficiency and fostering productivity. That’s the level of integration and harmony we aim to deliver with our bespoke storage systems for business.

We understand that each business has unique DNA — distinct needs, goals, and operational nuances. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two companies are identical. Hence, a one-size-fits-all approach to industrial storage systems would be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. We see this gap, and it’s precisely why we rise above it. Our passion lies in crafting storage solutions that fit your business like a glove. We provide support where it’s needed and flexibility where it’s crucial. At Locators, we aim to transform your workspace into a powerhouse of efficiency. It should be a well-oiled machine that seamlessly aligns storage and operations. We take pride in shaping the industrial landscape with our innovative storage systems for business. We optimise space to unlock growth potential because when your business flourishes, we succeed too. This isn’t just our job — it’s our mission.

The journey towards maximising your workspace begins with a choice. A choice to step beyond the constraints of traditional storage methods. An option to embrace a future where every inch of your business space is a testament to efficiency. We invite you to join us on this journey and harness the power of well-structured storage. It’s time to experience the transformation it can bring to your business. After all, a high-quality storage system isn’t just about stowing things away. It’s about laying the groundwork for seamless operations. So you can nurture an environment where innovation and productivity thrive. In essence, it’s about setting your business up for a future of unprecedented growth. And we’re here to help you achieve just that.

Embrace the future with Locators, your trusted partner for a superior storage system for business.

How we create your ideal storage system for business

The blueprint of efficiency begins by crafting bespoke industrial storage solutions for business.

The quest for a perfect storage system for business is more than just a logistical challenge. It’s a journey that demands a fine blend of strategic foresight, innovation, and engineering precision. This journey is not a one-size-fits-all route but a personalised voyage. It’s one that’s meticulously charted to address the unique needs of every business we work with. Our mission at Locators is to make this journey as seamless and rewarding as possible for your business. We deploy our expertise, experience, and cutting-edge technology to achieve this. Yet, what sets us apart is our commitment to transforming the conventional understanding of storage. A practical storage system should be more than a static entity merely holding your goods. It should be a dynamic, integrated part of your operational ecosystem.

Here’s how our storage solutions actively contribute to your business efficiency and growth . . .

Cantilever Racking — The Long-Load Solution

When traditional pallet racking no longer fits your business needs, our Cantilever Racking steps in. We’ve reimagined the storage approach for longer loads. It leverages an open structure that still fully utilises your space. By decking this racking, we ensure it can host virtually any product. It thereby bridges the gap between unconventional dimensions and high storage efficiency.

Live Storage Systems — Maximise Depth & Minimising Time

Sometimes, storage is not just about space but also time. Our Live Storage Systems stand testament to this philosophy. By placing goods on rollers, we optimise your loading speed and curtail travel distances. This setup enables a greater depth of storage than conventional systems. It’s also an ideal companion for holding areas awaiting dispatch and promises a swift transition from storage to delivery.

Mezzanine Floors — Harness Vertical Potential

Why limit yourself to horizontal space when you can also tap into the vertical potential of your location? Our Mezzanine Floors offer an excellent expansion alternative for businesses. It thereby creates a new room where you thought none existed.

This solution maximises your current location’s spatial capacity for various applications like . . .

| Warehousing
| Retail
| Offices
| And production

Pallet Racking — Adjustable, Modular, Efficient

Space might be expensive, but efficient storage doesn’t have to be. That’s the mantra behind our Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR). We provide this sought-after solution as a cost-efficient storage system. Thanks to its modular design, the best part is that it evolves with your changing needs. It’s all about offering more room for less, seamlessly accommodating different-sized goods.

Shelving — Order & Accessibility Unleashed

Last but certainly not least, our modern Shelving Solutions bring order to your storage. Lighter-duty applications are at home in our fully adjustable shelving. These not only reduce travel distances, they also boost accessibility. It’s all about creating an organised setup where every product has its place, readily available at your fingertips.

Building a unique storage system for business is not an endpoint. It’s a continual learning, innovating, and evolving process to keep pace with your business’s changing needs. At Locators, we don’t just provide storage solutions. We establish long-term partnerships aimed at fostering business growth and productivity. We combine diverse elements in our portfolio. In doing so, we ensure they function not as isolated units but as interconnected parts of a well-oiled machine. The result is a comprehensive, cohesive storage environment. An environment that amplifies your operational efficiency and propels your business towards success. We invite you to experience this for yourself and look forward to being your trusted partner in this journey. Let’s redefine storage together. Let’s unlock the power of efficiency and drive your business forward. Because at the end of the day, your success is our success.

Nothing is more rewarding for us than witnessing your business reaching new heights of growth.

Unleash your potential with our storage system for business

Locators deliver unmatched value with innovative industrial storage solutions.

At the core of every thriving business lies an efficient storage system. It’s the hidden hero behind streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and sustainable growth. At Locators, we see this as more than a concept; it’s a reality we strive to deliver for every business we work with. Our commitment is not just to offer products but to create an experience that unlocks opportunities for your business. Through our diverse range of storage solutions, we aim to revolutionise how you perceive and manage your business space.

Here’s what we offer every one of our customers . . .

Cantilever Racking — A Flexible Storage Maestro

Our Cantilever Racking system breaks free from the constraints of traditional storage methods. Its design allows for the storage of long loads. It’s a desirable alternative for businesses that handle unconventional goods. By doing away with the need for a standardised pallet system, it opens up a world of flexibility in storage. This is because it can easily accommodate goods of various sizes and shapes. Cantilever Racking is more than just a storage solution. It’s a testament to our belief that storage systems should adapt to the business, not vice versa.

Live Storage Systems — The Pulse of Your Operations

When it comes to operational efficiency, time is of the essence. Our Live Storage Systems are designed to save you precious time. By employing rollers for stored goods, these systems speed up loading. It reduces the distance your goods travel within the storage area. This efficiency is paramount when racing against the clock to dispatch finished goods. Live Storage Systems are like the heartbeat of your operations. They’ll ensure that every beat and movement is timely and efficient.

Mezzanine Floors — Up We Go

Where floor space is limited, the only way is up. Our Mezzanine Floors redefine the boundaries of your workspace by adding another level to your operational area. Whether you need extra space for warehousing, retail, offices, or production, these floors are the answer. They maximise the potential of your existing premises, allowing you to expand without relocating. With Mezzanine Floors, we prove that the sky is the limit for efficient use of space.

Pallet Racking — Modularity at Its Best

In the dynamic world of business, change is the only constant. Our Adjustable Pallet Racking embraces this reality. With its modular design, it adapts to store goods of different sizes. So you can be sure that your storage system evolves alongside your business. This is about making the most of your available space and adapting as your needs change. With Adjustable Pallet Racking, we ensure your storage system is not just static. It will become a dynamic component of your business growth.

Shelving — Order in Chaos

Clarity breeds productivity. Our Shelving Solutions bring this clarity to your workspace and arrange your goods in an orderly fashion. Simplifying access to items reduces travel distances and promotes operational efficiency. Modern, adjustable, and designed for lighter-duty applications, they show the power of organisation. Our shelving solution transforms your workspace into a well-orchestrated symphony. They’re evidence that every note and product plays its part perfectly.

The journey of creating a unique storage system for business is as diverse as the businesses we serve. It’s about understanding the special needs of each enterprise. We’ll then harness our wide range of innovative solutions to meet these needs. From here, we can deliver a storage system that catalyses business growth. Locators don’t just offer products.

We amplify your operational efficiency to drive your business growth thanks to . . .

| Cantilever Racking
| Live Storage Systems
| Mezzanine Floors
| Pallet Racking
| And Shelving

These pieces of the puzzle come together to complete your perfect storage picture. So, gear up to embrace a storage system that’s more than just a physical entity. It’s a strategic asset that empowers your business to reach new heights of success. We’re here to walk this journey with you. We’ll transform your vision of an efficient storage system into a reality, one innovative solution at a time.

Together, let’s set the stage for your business success.

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