The success of a warehouse hinges on one core principle – how well your business optimises its available space. If your workplace isn’t laid out properly, it’ll hinder your staff’s workflow and reduce their efficiency. This results in lower productivity and reduced margins. So how can you combat this? You adjust your warehouse with the correct solution to increase your efficiency.

At Locators, we know that every business is unique, and this is where the capability and experience of our storage division really shines. One form of racking might be a fantastic fit in Warehouse A but ill-suited to Warehouse B. Our integrated approach to material handling equipment (MHE) and storage solutions helps isolate this.

The right racking system is essential for supporting your business. Safe, high-quality storage solutions offer efficient storage for pallets, boxes, containers and more. Plus, as a fully integrated independent supplier, we offer impartial advice on bespoke storage solutions and MHE. Want to see what we can identify in your materials handling operation? If so, we’d be happy to discuss your needs via our free consultancy service.



Our Six-Step Process

Step 1

Site Survey

Vital for obtaining crucial preliminary data.

Site surveys are common with all MHE and storage projects and are vital for obtaining crucial preliminary data. This includes feasibility reporting and accurate estimations of time and cost for your solution. Our team may begin with a simple walkover survey and then progress to more meticulous surveys that focus on numerous aspects.

Step 2

Draft Design Options

Shows a clear understanding of the problems at hand.

Effective draft designs give you clear choices about the best way ahead and serve as the foundation upon which final decisions are made. Developing the options demands informed decision-making at the conceptual stage. Specifically, a clear understanding of the challenges faced by a business. This is identified during the site survey and through discussions with you. The more detailed work carried out at this stage, the more rewards follow later.

Step 3

Accompanying MHE (if appropriate)

Maximise the efficiency of your business.

At Locators, we deliver the bespoke services you would expect from a specialist independent. So, if you are experiencing restrictions in your warehouse or storage operations, we can help. We understand how materials handling equipment integrates with production, storage and picking operations. You can trust our independent advice to maximise the efficiency of your business whilst offering the best value for money.

Step 4

Final Design & Project Quotation

Our specialists utilise SketchUp 3D for easy visualisation.

Once we’ve identified your requirements in both MHE and storage solutions, we will incorporate them into the design. This unified approach is generally in response to the client’s preferred solution. For ease of visualisation, our specialists utilise SketchUp 3D. This helps our clients envision the design rather than rely purely on 2D schematics (although we also offer 2D installation plans). Once okayed, we’ll put forward a full project quotation for installation and supply.

Step 5

Management of Installation

A solution backed by data, analysis, and experience.

Once the best design has been verified, and commercial terms agreed upon, the installation can begin. Our team of trusted specialists will do what we do best – deliver a storage solution backed up by trusted data, analysis, and experience. We deliver fully integrated MHE and storage systems for your business. Our installers and storage contract specialists will oversee the entire project. This way, it’s executed successfully – from the conceptual idea through to the completed installation.

Step 6

Ongoing Service Support

Expert inspections for the best monetary value.

We have the scale and resources of national companies but deliver the local service you would expect from a specialist independent. Locators is not a manufacturer. We are a service-focused organisation that provides ongoing service support of MHE and storage systems. Get in touch to learn how our specialists’ proactive support and expert inspections can help you and your business today.


Ensure a safe working environment.

Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning

Warehouses must remain a safe working space for you and your staff. Personnel not only need to be protected in the event that goods fall from above but those goods need to be secured. Anti-collapse mesh and partitioning is a versatile solution that achieves just that.

Barriers & Rack Protection

Whilst practical and space-efficient, racking can fall like dominoes if struck hard by heavy machinery. To avoid buckling the structure, Locators provide a number of protection solutions. These include upright protection, barrier systems and protection posts.

Rack Inspection & Maintenance

Our inspection service ensures your warehouse remains a safe working environment. Our SEMA approved inspector will help to ensure that your storage equipment is in good order. Plus, we also offer training for your staff to carry out their own assessments too.

Warehouse Labelling & Signage

Having worked in warehouses for over 3 decades, we know the best layouts for your warehouse. Plus, we only use the best materials for our products. For quick ease of use, we can install the labels to new racking or fit them to existing equipment.


Get more out of the space you have.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking does away with the traditional pallet racking format. This makes it easier for some businesses who may need to store longer loads. Despite the open nature of this racking, it’s still possible to make use of the space. Provided it’s decked, it can suitably store almost any product.

Live Storage Systems

In placing stored goods on rollers, you can speed up loading and reduce travel distances. It also allows for a greater depth of storage than standard storage systems. It’s ideally suited for holding or marshalling areas for finished goods awaiting despatch.

Mezzanine Floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location. These floors have many applications, such as warehousing, retail, offices and production. They also free up space underneath.

Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available volume. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.


Minimise travel distances with an orderly set-up. Maximise your accessibility with our modern shelving solutions. Modern shelving systems are for lighter duty applications than pallet racking. They’re fully adjustable and accommodate products of different heights.

Why contact Locators?

Because we are different. We understand the way storage systems integrate with materials handling equipment and our customers’ overall operation. Our independence and wide product range means our customers get what is best for their business in their industry.



Locators supply both storage systems and all types of forklift trucks and are able to design storage systems so they work seamlessly with their materials handling equipment. Locators proposed using a rail-guided Combilift C4000 multi-directional forklift within aisles of just 3220mm wide, providing storage for 432 vehicles. This significantly improved the storage density when compared with the 6400mm aisle width required for the operation of a counterbalance forklift.

To find out how we can help your business, email today, or call 01202 854 200 to arrange a discussion with a member of our expert team.

What our clients say

We are very pleased with the change from an engine to an electric fleet. The trucks have been well received by our operators as they are comfortable and quiet to drive and give excellent protection from the elements. We even have the option and flexibility to use spare batteries and a simple battery change system if we ever want to work back to back shifts in the future. Locators also design, supply and install all types of racking and storage systems. They reconfigured the CooperVision warehouse for narrow aisle operation which increases the storage density and pallet locations. Locators supplied Aisle-Master articulated forklifts to work in this area.

Coopervision, Hamble

We have worked with Locators for nearly 20 years. We are confident they can always make the best use of the space we have available and provide us with forklifts that are well suited for the long loads and other stock we have to move.

Colin Macgregor
Director, Y Goldberg

Every time we look at an application, Locators approach it like a blank canvas and always recommend the best equipment for our business. Locators have proved themselves as a very reliable and proactive service provider by keeping our trucks working and our fleet costs as low as possible.

Adam Conrad
Group Transport Manager for Covers

Being able to work with one supplier for storage and materials handling has been a benefit to us. Locators managed the complete installation and ensured the correct materials handling equipment was specified for their design. They also service and maintain all of the equipment they have supplied and offer a rack inspection service to make sure our warehouse remains a safe working environment. We are very happy with our new facility and we believe we have made the best use of the available space.

Marc Congdon
Engineering Manager, Costa

We purchased our first Toyota forklift from Locators 14 years ago for our farm. This truck has been very reliable and is still in service so we had no hesitation in deciding to purchase another Toyota machine. Locators recommended an electric forklift for our machinery depot as it is very quiet, has low running costs and does not create any pollution, making it ideal for working both inside and outside. Our operators are very pleased with our new Toyota truck and our business is very happy to be operating a forklift that has such a low impact on the environment.

Ed Smales
Director, NFFM

Locators installed the new racking system within a tight timeframe while our business was fully operational. They have provided us with a facility that has a similar storage capacity and reduced the size of our forklift fleet allowing us to lease one building instead of two. We are very happy with the outcome.

Paul Bickell
Nippon Express

Locators gave us the benefit of working with just one supplier for all of the storage and materials handling requirements of this project. By mixing 3 and 4 wheel trucks from the same model range, we have gained extra pallet locations and have the option to battery change between them and work multi-shift in the future. I was initially sceptical that electric trucks could replace LPG, but I am very pleased with the successful outcome of this project.

Mark Davis
Logistics Supervisor for Hall & Woodhouse brewery

It is a great benefit to us that we have a single source supplier who understands the needs of our business. This saves us time, improves efficiency and ultimately reduces cost.

Richard Horrocks
Smurfitt Kappa