We can help you get more into your existing premises and dispose of off site storage.

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The challenge 

Are you unsure how you can achieve more with your warehouse space and improve productivity? Are you thinking of moving or taking extra off site storage?

Anyone can fill your warehouse with pallet racking or other storage products, but this will not solve your issues.

You need a supplier who understands the flow of your product, the way order pickers move and how you replenish stock locations. Only then can  you design the best system for you.

 Our solution

  • Warehouse Design
    Locators provide a warehouse design and layout consultancy service. We have 30 years expertise and experience helping many companies achieve more from their existing premises or helping them select the right building to move into.
    Unlike most consultancy services which are purely design based, we are an independent supplier of storage systems, mezzanines, forklifts, warehouse, cleaning and access equipment. This means when we work with you we can design practical systems and then provide, as a single source supplier, all the equipment you need to operate your warehouse efficiently. We can guarantee that your storage system will work in the real world and is not just a design concept.
    We want you to see a return on investment so rather than talking to warehouse designers that just deal in theory, why not talk to a long-term partner that can deliver?
  • Project Management
    From a single bay of shelving through to a complex turnkey installation, from order placement through to project completion, the detail of every system is planned and managed. We take total responsibility and ownership of your project to deliver on time and with the minimum of disruption to your business.

 Why Locators 

Being a materials handling AND storage company allows us to design systems for maximum productivity and safety. 

Don’t think about moving or increasing the size of your warehouse without talking to us first. Call us now - 01202 854220.

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