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Combi-XLE Product Launch

Perfect for long load handling

Combilift has officially launched a further addition to its impressive range of electric models. The C5000XLE model is in line with the growing demand for greener, electric-powered equipment. Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, the Combi-XLE incorporates all features of the original model and more. Powerful performance and a 5,000kg lift capacity means this multi-directional forklift benefits from up-to-the-minute technology and has . . .

Zero Emissions

Zero Noise Pollution

Reduced Maintenance Expenses

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Introduction – Andrew Marr
00:00 Global climate is one of the many stories knocked off the front pages by this pandemic, but even as the world economy stalls it’s still there.
Broadcaster & Natural Historian – Sir David Attenborough
00:11 We human beings depend upon the health of the natural world for every breath of air we breathe.
Sustainable Forklifts – Voiceover by Colin Cassidy
00:18 Today, we are taking a look at the Combilift-XLE. Normally, there would be music on Combilift videos but for this specific machine they decided you should enjoy the sound of the surrounding wildlife.
The Features
00:43 This electric XL comes with zero fuel emissions and can lift up to five tons of lumber around a busy yard. That’s the average weight of an African elephant. You don’t need to know about its larger cushioned front and rear tyres, designed for a smoother ride. Its multi-directional capability that increases storage while lowering your carbon footprint per square meter. Its higher ground clearance for working around rough yards or that its all-wheel traction reduces tire wear as well as load swing.
Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Use
01:22 Never mind the fact that with zero emissions, the well-being of staff and customers is protected while the forklift works safely alongside them in the factory. The much roomier cab for operator comfort painted with toughened eco-friendly water-based paint is neither here nor there. You only need to know that being electric you are helping the environment with a sustainable way of transporting your goods and the benefits of it being so quiet means you won’t be annoying your neighbours no matter who they might be.

Opening News Feed – BBC

Sir David Attenborough Stock Footage – Getty Images

Hare Stock Footage – videvo.net

Directed & Produced by – Combilift Productions

Voice Over by – Colin Cassidy Media

Key Features


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Zero Emissions

Conserve natural resources and decrease energy consumption
During the building process, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are always a concern. Yet, thanks to the use of toughened, eco-friendly water-based paint, they have seen a dramatic reduction. Plus, during use, electric Combi-XLEs produce zero emissions. This is not only good for the environment but beneficial for employees too. Without proper ventilation, emissions from LPG and diesel forklifts build up in facilities. Therefore, companies that rely on fans to circulate air in their buildings can enjoy cost savings as an additional bonus.

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Better still, the Irish materials handling specialist has revolutionised its manufacturing facility. Wanting to conserve natural resources and decrease energy consumption, they use things like:

– Daylighting technology
– LED lights with PIR sensors
– Solar panel energy
– Rainwater harvesting
– And much more

In addition, 92% of all components used in their truck assembly are 100% recyclable. Plus, the company is on track to save over 473 tons of CO2 by using carbon-neutral wood chips instead of gas for heating within the factory.

Zero Noise Pollution

Combi-XLEs are far quieter than their LPG or diesel counterparts
Noise pollution impacts the health and well-being of people as well as wildlife and the natural environment. Fortunately, thanks to electrically powered forklifts, it’s also a thing of the past. Thanks to electric power. Combi-XLEs are far quieter than their LPG or diesel counterparts. Operators, the workforce and visitors to your site will appreciate the quiet operation. We’re more than sure your neighbouring residents and businesses will too!

Reduced Maintenance Expenses

Its performance is on a par with diesel or LPG powered forklifts
Electric trucks do not have traditional combustion engines. Nor do they have hydraulic transmissions, meaning they already have built-in cost savings. Especially when switching from associated LPG or diesel forklifts. Why? Because there is no longer a need to check and top up engine fluids or lubricants, which results in longer intervals between services. With so many advantages to an electric truck, it’s clear why the Combi-XLE is extremely beneficial to your company. To explain more of the finer features, here is what the CEO and Co-founder of Combilift had to say.

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“The technology we have incorporated into the Combi-XLE means that its performance is equally on a par with diesel or LPG powered forklifts when it comes to handling very bulky and heavy loads, whilst of course offering a greener operation. We made our first electric C-Series over 18yrs ago, and now over 60% of the trucks we manufacture are electric, with availability in almost all models across our range. As more and more of our customers are opting for electric power it is obvious that they are as committed to sustainability and a circular economy as we are.”

– Martin McVicar, Combilift CEO & Co-Founder