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Toyota Material Handling

Easily handle your material handling needs.

With over 100 years of experience, Toyota offers some of the world’s most trustworthy material handling equipment. Toyota material handling solutions help you get the most out of your equipment. This ensures you can get on with what you do best – running your business.

Toyota material handling is designed with innovation, guaranteeing quality, durability, reliability, and value. Built for every application, they provide material handling solutions, automation, and more. From the dock to stock and everywhere in between, let Toyota be part of your journey.

Upon founding Locators in 1985, Brian Cowles secured an exclusive distributorship with Toyota material handling. This saw us become one of the largest forklift suppliers and storage system distributors in the UK – an accolade that’s defined us for years to come. Talk to us about Toyota, today.

Industrial Forklift

Comfortable | Ergonomic | Interactive

Toyota produces the most innovative and high-quality forklifts available on the market today. Yet by combining power with versatility, forklifts will soon become the core of your business operations. Plus, Toyota material handling benefits from a range of safety options. Allowing you to protect your operators, trucks and goods with its inbuilt System of Active Stability (SAS). Synonymous with reliability and safety, material handling is an intrinsic part of day-to-day trade. Our products are suitable for various applications and environments such as manufacturing, outdoors, etc.

Electric Counterbalance Range
IC Counterbalance Range

Warehouse Automation

Precise | Smart | Repetitive

Automating internal logistics ensures any flow of goods through your warehouse keeps flowing. Whilst automated solutions can seem complex, the material flow of logistics can be quite predictable. So, if you want to combat common warehouse problems, like downtime caused by human error, automation could be for you. By utilising a systematic approach, we can identify common functions that act as configurable modules. Together, Toyota and Locators can help you on your automation journey and optimise your entire workflow.

Automated Warehouse Trucks
Automated Tow Trains
Semi-Automated Shuttles

Warehouse Equipment

Efficient | Flexible | Safe

Without the presence of warehouse trucks in your business, you’d soon see a dip in productivity. That’s because warehouse equipment is an essential staple of any fully functioning warehouse. A warehouse must provide its staff with reliable tools – and there’s nothing more reliable than Toyota. The transportation of heavy loads should only be done with material handling equipment. Alleviate any day-to-day strain today with Toyota.

Hand Pallet Trucks Order Picking Range
Powered Pallet Trucks Powered Stacker Trucks
Reach Trucks Range Towing Trucks Range
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

Information sourced from Toyota