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Tonero Stage V Range

Tonero Stage V

Toyota IC Counterbalance Trucks

Torque Converter Transmission – Hydrostatic Transmission

Tonero Stage V

Torque convertor transmission

Robust and durable trucks for heavy work or multi-pallet handling.

🟧 | Max Load Capacity: 8.0ton
🟧 | Maximum Lift Height: 6.5m
🟧 | Max Travel Speed: Adjustable
🟧 | Max Battery Capacity: N/A

Tonero Stage V

Torque convertor or hydrostatic transmission

Highly productive and reliable trucks for light to heavy-duty applications.

🟧 | Max Load Capacity: 3.5ton
🟧 | Maximum Lift Height: 6.5m
🟧 | Max Travel Speed: Adjustable
🟧 | Max Battery Capacity: N/A

Tonero Stage V

The top-selling range has had an upgrade

Like all Toyota models, the new Tonero range delivers outstanding driveability. Low noise and vibrations help keep the truck operator comfortable throughout his or her shift. Ergonomically positioned controls with an intuitive dashboard display help boost efficiency and productivity.

In regards to productivity, the latest Tonero is designed to ensure that users benefit from maximum truck uptime. For instance, the trucks require minimal maintenance. When servicing has to be carried out, its new lean design enables engineers to access vital components with ease. This means that servicing is completed efficiently, and truck downtime is minimised. The hydrostatic LPG and diesel engines offer smooth, controllable and rapid acceleration. This allows the trucks to switch directions of travel from forward to reverse quickly and fluently.

In addition to this, the stage V range is exceptionally fuel-efficient. Whilst environmentally beneficial (and in keeping with Locators’ Energy & Carbon Saving Initiatives), it presents a significant reduction in fuel costs. The cost savings alone are particularly impressive when calculated over a trucks’ lifetime.


The unique System of Active Stability (SAS) is the world’s first active system for controlling forklift stability. By protecting the operator and load when driving, turning and lifting, SAS provides advanced technology. This increases safety in the workplace and vastly improves productivity. It includes SAS Active Mast Tilt Angle Control, SAS Active Mast Tilt Speed Control, SAS Fork Levelling, SAS Active Steering Synchroniser, SAS Swing Lock Cylinder.

Toyota lean industrial engines
For quality and long-term reliability, all Toyota engines are built in-house. Specifically designed for industrial applications, they allow quick acceleration with optimised fuel efficiency. Toyota and Locators offer the choice between diesel and LPG engines.

The diesel range offers the reliable 1DZIII engine, the highly fuel-efficient 1ZS and 1KD. Each now includes a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for even cleaner operations. The LPG range offers 4Y and 1FS engines. In-house designed, both are equipped with a 3-way catalytic converter and distributor-less ignition.

The HST models come with a 1ZS engine with a Diesel Particulate Filter surpassing Stage V regulation. This ensures lean and clean material handling operations.

TPS-based reliability
Like all Toyota trucks, Tonero trucks are built according to the Toyota Production System (TPS). This ensures the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.

Ultimately, the Tonero is ideal for operations where goods need to be loaded and unloaded quickly, efficiently and safely.

Toyota Tonero

Engine-powered trucks with torque converter transmission
The Tonero is a versatile family of engine-powered counterbalance trucks suitable for all applications up to 3.5 tonnes. Each offers stability and productivity during light to heavy-duty outdoor applications. This provides the driver with comfort as well as all-around visibility thanks to the wide range of cabins. These nimble trucks are available with diesel (surpassing the latest Stage V regulations) or LPG engines.

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Torque converter transmission

Torque converter models offer a smooth overall driving experience. It achieves this via powerful acceleration, easy direction change, single-speed transmission, and more.

All-in-one display

The new dashboard display is easy and intuitive. The controls are now all integrated into one place, in one single display for enhanced productivity and comfort of operators. New features include indicators for hydraulic oil, mast tilt, time and fuel consumption overview and more.

Toyota Tonero

Engine-powered trucks with hydrostatic transmission
The hydrostatic transmission (HST) is great for drivers who prefer automatic breaking. Upon releasing the accelerator, the stronger braking ability is far more accessible and user friendly. In addition to this, the HST benefits from low engine noise and new Toyota in-house developed software. Available for the full range, these fast and manoeuvrable trucks are available with diesel or LPG engines too.

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Hydrostatic transmission

The HST offers an alternative to the torque converter version by delivering a variety of pre-set driving parameters. This includes powerful engine braking, acceleration, quick direction change, and more. Plus, independent lift and drive functionality, an electric parking brake and ‘stop-on-ramp’ functionality. Improvements include the availability of the high-power 3-cylinder diesel engine (2-3.5t).

Outstanding driver experience

The HST model offers ultimate driver comfort thanks to the full floating driver compartment. This development lowers vibration and noise levels for optimal productivity.