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Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS)

Discover the unmatched stability and peace of mind that Toyota SAS brings to your operations.

Redefine Safety & Efficiency with Toyota’s SAS

Empower your material handling operations with Toyota’s groundbreaking stability control.

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Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) represents a giant leap forward in forklift safety technology. For years, it’s directly addressed the industry’s need for safer, more efficient work environments. At its core, SAS is a sophisticated system designed to enhance forklift stability and prevent accidents. It does this by monitoring the forklift with a complex network of sensors, actuators, and a controller. This system is critical for reducing the risk of sideways tip-overs, as it accounts for many forklift-related incidents. Incorporating SAS into your material handling strategy saves money and boosts productivity.

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Plus, operators gain confidence as they’re empowered by technology that reduces accident risks. Did you know that SAS significantly reduces driver and damage costs — representing over 70% of a forklift’s total lifecycle cost? Therefore, SAS not only protects your workforce and goods but also positively impacts your bottom line. Its patented technology minimises downtime and maximises productivity. This makes SAS an indispensable asset for operational excellence.

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SAS is distinguished by its six unique features — Swing Lock Cylinder, Speed Reduction when Cornering, Mast Front Tilt Angle Control, Mast Rear Tilt Speed Control, Fork Levelling Control, and Active Steering Synchroniser — which harmoniously work together. They provide unmatched stability and safety and change how material handling tasks are performed. You’re investing in a future by integrating Toyota’s SAS through Locators. One where safety and efficiency are not just goals but standards. This demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the well-being of your team and the integrity of your operations.

Transform your warehouse dynamics with the safety and efficiency of Toyota SAS.

Maximise Safety & Efficiency with Toyota’s SAS Features

Elevate your operations with advanced stability controls, courtesy of Toyota.

Toyota SAS Features
Toyota SAS Swing Lock Cylinder 6

1. Swing Lock Cylinder

This feature stabilises the forklift by locking the rear axle during turns, preventing the forklift from tipping over. The SAS transforms the forklift’s stability footprint from a triangular to a rectangular shape. Doing so significantly increases the vehicle’s stability, especially when cornering.

Toyota SAS Speed Reduction When Cornering 5

2. Speed Reduction when Cornering

Toyota’s SAS automatically slows the forklift on corners. This doesn’t just prevent tip-overs from centrifugal force. It ensures that, even in fast environments, the forklift maintains a safe speed. Speed is a critical facet in improving both operator and workplace safety.

Toyota SAS Rear Tilt Speed Control 4

3. Mast Front Tilt Angle Control

This control system prevents the forklift from tilting too far forward. It thereby reduces the risk of dropping loads or tipping over. By automatically adjusting the tilt angle of the mast based on the load’s weight and height, SAS ensures safer load handling and transport.

Toyota SAS Mast Front Tilt Angle Control 3

4. Mast Rear Tilt Speed Control

This feature regulates the speed at which the mast tilts back, helping to stabilise the forklift when lifting heavy loads. Toyota’s SAS prevents rapid rearward tilting that could destabilise the forklift. In doing so, it ensures far smoother and safer lifting operations.

Toyota SAS Fork Levelling Control 2

5. Fork Levelling Control

With the push of a button, this feature levels the forks horizontally, simplifying picking up or setting down loads. This saves time and minimises the risk of improper loading, which can lead to accidents or damage.

Toyota SAS Active Steering Synchroniser 1

6. Active Steering Synchroniser

This syncs the steering wheel’s position with the angle of the wheels. It gives the operator easy control over the forklift’s direction. It also improves manoeuvrability and precision, especially in tight spaces. The bottom line is that Toyota’s SAS reduces the risk of collisions and enhances safety.


Unlock enhanced operational performance with Toyota’s System of Active Stability.

1. Stability in Motion

Toyota SAS automatically corrects the forklift’s position to maintain balance. This reduces the risk of tipping over during turns or while carrying heavy loads.

2. Precise Load Handling

The system ensures precise handling by levelling the forks automatically. This leads to safer and more efficient load management, preventing accidents and damage.

3. Enhanced Operator Confidence

Operators can work with greater assurance, knowing the risk of accidents is minimised. This confidence boosts productivity and operational speed.

4. Reduced Workplace Accidents

Toyota SAS stabilises the forklift during crucial operations. This doesn’t just significantly lower the chance of accidents. It helps create a safer environment for all employees.

5. Optimised Operational Efficiency

The system’s ability to prevent accidents and streamline operations increases efficiency. Less downtime and faster turnaround times mean more work gets done.

How To Implement Toyota SAS for Operational Excellence

Toyota System of Active Stability Transforms Material Handling Efficiency

Using Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) in your operations is a strategic move. It will enhance safety and efficiency in your material handling and storage systems. Toyota Material Handling UK highlights the nonstop development of new safety tech. This includes SAS, whose features are vital in cutting the risk of truck tip-overs. It does this by spotting unsafe conditions and activating features that quickly stabilise the truck. This proactive approach is critical for keeping a high safety standard at work. Forklift accidents are a big concern there, despite efforts by industry bodies.

Our methodology at Locators is not just about integrating advanced technology like Toyota SAS. It’s about building a foundation of knowledge and skills within your team. Our comprehensive training is essential for operators to fully leverage the SAS features. It’s the best means to help foster a culture of safety and efficiency. The System of Active Stability ensures that driving and stacking actions are stable and controlled. This maximises the safety and productivity of each operation. It does so by actively monitoring key truck performance metrics to reduce the risk of accidents.

Choosing Locators as your partner for Toyota SAS integration shows a willingness to change your operations. It is an investment in a safer, more productive future — one where technology and training unite to forge an unmatched operational environment. Toyota Forklifts emphasises safety as a core part of their forklift design, including SAS and other safety devices. So you are assured of a solution that meets and exceeds safety standards. This collaboration ensures your operations are ready to meet the demands of modern material handling. You’ll meet them with confidence and expertise. You can benefit from a holistic approach by using Toyota SAS through Locators. You can combine cutting-edge technology with full support and training with our assistance.

Ensure your operations are safer, more efficient and more productive with Locators today.

Toyota SAS Sensors


(Indicated on Toyota engine-powered forklift)

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 1


Senses whether the mast is higher than approx. 2m

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 2


Senses mast angle

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 3


Senses when the operator tilts the forks forwards

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 4


Senses when the operator tilts the forks backwards

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 5


Measures load weight using hydraulic pressure

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 6


Senses when the operator depresses the tilt switch

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 7


Measures vehicle speed

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 8


Measures position of steering wheel

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 9


Measures angle of rear wheels

Toyota SAS Sensor Icon 10


Measures truck lateral acceleration


(Indicated on Toyota engine-powered forklift)

Toyota SAS Actuator Icon 11


Locks the rear axle

Toyota SAS Actuator Icon 12


Regulates oil flow to tilt cylinders

Toyota SAS Actuator Icon 13


Regulates oil flow to steering cylinder to align steering knob position with rear wheels


(Indicated on Toyota engine-powered forklift)

Toyota SAS Controller Icon 14

Toyota’s SAS controller uses information from the SAS sensors to determine whether action is needed. When necessary the controller activates the SAS actuators to support excellent safety and productivity.


Have a question about Toyota’s System of Active Stability? You may find your answer below.

1. What is Toyota's System of Active Stability (SAS)?


Toyota's SAS is an advanced safety technology system designed to enhance the stability and safety of forklift operations. SAS adjusts the forklift to prevent accidents. This ensures safety for operators and boosts productivity by cutting accident downtime.

2. How does Toyota's SAS benefit my material handling operations?


The benefits of SAS include increased safety, as it helps reduce the risk of forklift tip-overs. It can also boost operator confidence, leading to higher productivity. Finally, Toyota's SAS helps cut costs by reducing product and equipment damage. The bottom line is that this technology ensures your operations are both efficient and secure.

3. Can Toyota's SAS be integrated into all types of forklifts?


Toyota's SAS is standard on many Toyota forklift models, including the Toyota Traigo and Tonero ranges. It's made to work seamlessly with many types of material handling equipment. As such, it's broadly applicable across your whole Toyota fleet.

4. How do Locators stand out in implementing Toyota SAS?


Locators stand out by offering comprehensive integration services for Toyota's SAS. This includes offering personalised assessments, expert installation, and operator training. Our unique approach ensures that you get the technological benefits of SAS, not just the technological ones. This way, you also maximise its potential through proper use and understanding.

5. What support do Locators provide for Toyota's SAS?


Beyond initial integration, Locators provides ongoing support and training for Toyota's SAS. Our dedicated team ensures your operators are fully trained to utilise all SAS features effectively. We also offer maintenance and support services to keep your systems running optimally. This way, we are helping ensure that your investment in Toyota continues to deliver value.